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Selling to Generation Y Courtesy of Pensacola Real Estate Professionals

Generation Y, otherwise known as the Millennials have had a bit of a bad rap up to now. The stereotype of 30-somethings living in their parents’ basement is finally giving way, as real estate agents and home builders see these Generation Y-ers flocking to the housing market.

Targeting these clients is different than working with older home buyers. According to the National Association of Home Builders, this young generation is prioritizing when it comes to looking for a new home.

They want efficiency for the long run over a low purchase price. The Gen Y clients are bringing their green sensibility to their home purchases. They want high-grade insulation and energy-efficient appliances that will save them on utility costs over the long run, and are often willing to pay more at the time of purchase to get tank less water heaters and super-efficient HVAC systems. That said, a game room wired for hi-tech toys is often on a young buyer’s wish list, beating out stainless steel fridges and marble countertops.

These young buyers also want to meld into their new locales. “Walk Scores” – the measure of a neighborhood’s friendliness and accessibility to pedestrians – are important to them. Proximity to public amenities, shops, and reliable public transportation are also big influences on where they’ll buy.

096Pensacola Real Estate Professionals recommends young buyers look at the following subdivisions: Plantation Woods, Covington Woods and Cottonwood. These subdivisions rank high on “Walk Scores”! Check them out, and see if you don’t agree.

These neighborhoods are all centrally-located, and they are close to shopping, restaurants, schools, churches and entertainment venues.

These subdivisions are family-friendly and nestled in secure areas. They are the perfect settings where a family can settle and grow.

covington woods sign

cottonwood subdivision sign 1

Buyers over the last 15 or so years wanted to get the maximum house for their money. Millennials seem to be content with just buying the size they need. However, they are interested in design and layouts that will allow them to change functionalities for different areas of the home, so they can adapt their living spaces to what they need right at the moment: dinner for 10, video game playoffs, or working from home. Again, these buyers are ranking efficiency incredible high on their list of home must-haves. Interestingly, they also seem to be trending toward single-level homes, a trend usually seen in much older buyers with lower mobility.

Timberland Contractors, LLC have a large assortment of floor plans! One of them is sure to suit the needs of any Generation Y buyer! Timberland Contractors LLC floor plans feature multi-purpose rooms and energy efficient appliances, doors and windows.

Contact me, Lisa Burns, Broker, Pensacola Real Estate Professionals, here or directly at 850-393-7106, and I will be happy to show you these plans, or help you revise any of them to suit your needs.

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Top 10 Housing Markets for 2014 Courtesy of Pensacola Real Estate Professionals

Pensacola Real Estate Professionals want to share CoreLogic Case-Shiller’s latest home price forecast. From Oakland, CA, to Memphis, TN, these major metro areas are expected to see the biggest increase in home prices in 2014, according to CoreLogic Case-Shiller.

Top 10 Housing Markets for 2014

Oakland, CA – Median Home Price: $545,000 – a gain of 9.3% through September, 2014.

oakland ca houses

Fort Worth, TX – Median Home Price $181,300 – a gain of 8.9% through September, 2014.

fort worth tx houses

New Orleans, LA – Median Home Price $163,000 – a gain of 8.7% through September, 2014.

new orleans la houses

Richmond, VA – Median Home Price $220,600 – a gain of 8.5% through September, 2014.

richmond va houses

Hartford, CT – Median Home Price $234,000 – a gain of 8.3% through September, 2014.

hartford ct house

Tampa, FL – Median Home Price $177,000 – a gain of 8% through September, 2014.

tampa fl house

Baltimore, MD – Median Home Price $299,000 – a gain of 8% through September, 2014.

baltimore md house

Birmingham, AL – Median Home Price $174,000 – a gain of 7.8% through September, 2014.

birmingham al house

New York, NY – Median Home Price $440,000 – a gain of 7.4% through September, 2014.

new york ny houses

Memphis, TN – Median Home Price $122,000 – a gain of 7.3% through September, 2014.

memphis tn house

Contact me, Lisa Burns, Broker, Pensacola Real Estate Professionals here or call me directly at 850-393-7106. I will be happy to help you build or find the home of your dreams.

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Sweet Strawberry Sticks for Valentine’s Day Courtesy of Pensacola Real Estate Professionals

In 4 short days, Valentine’s Day will be here! But don’t worry about dessert! Pensacola Real Estate Professionals has a quick, easy and oh so yummy idea that takes just minutes to prepare.



Wooden Skewers


Large Marshmallows

Chocolate Toffee Bites or Chocolate Caramels

Semi-Sweet or White Baking Chocolate


Lace skewers with a strawberry, a large marshmallows, a chocolate caramel or chocolate toffee and another strawberry. Place the dessert kabobs on a pretty platter or serving plate and drizzle melted chocolate over them. In a matter of moments, you have a lovely and delicious Valentine treat for your sweetheart!

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Deter Intruders with Defensive Shrubs Courtesy of Pensacola Real Estate Professionals

Pensacola Real Estate Professionals’ think an alarm system is a great way to deter a bad guy from coming into your house. However, it may not stop him from making contact with a portal to your home. You may want to consider planting thorn-bearing trees, shrubs and vines to act as a buffer to safeguard your home. The reason these plants have thorns is to protect them from predators, but they may protect you from them as well.

Intruders can be warded off by planting these types of vegetation in vulnerable areas. Certain plant varieties grow very fast and prolifically. It is just a matter of finding out which type grows best where you live. Check out

Thorn-bearing Trees:

No one wants to climb a tree, whose trunk has thorns jutting out from it.

Acacia farnesiana (Sweet Acacia): the flowers of this tree smell like grape candy, which is probably where it gets its name. The leaves have a delicate fern-like appearance, but the entire plant is covered by sharp thorns.

sweet acacia

Silk Floss Tree: Considered one of the world’s most beautiful trees, it is well known for the large spikes protecting the trunk and limbs.  No criminal will want to tackle these thorns to get to your second story window.

silk floss tree

Various Palm Trees: Palm trees can be laced with thorns that not only prick, but cause additional pain.

palm trees

Thorn-bearing Vines: Here is security and beauty all wrapped in one. Check out the following varieties:


Climbing Roses, Catsclaw Creeper, Bougainvillea, Blackberry vines.

Thorn-bearing Bushes:

Cactus: If your climate permits, these spiked plants will scare off intruders. The chollas have two inch thorns.

Pyracantha (fire thorn bush): The thorns will produce a burning stinging that will last for hours.

Rogosa Roses: These pretty flowers have plenty of thorns.

Pineland Acacia: The thorns are hidden by flowers and leaves; a nice surprise for burglars.

Pineland Acacia (Acacia pinetorum)

Washington Hawthorne Tree: It can be pruned into a bush and grow right under a window, displaying aesthetic red berries.

Oregon Grape Holly: This attractive shrub has two inch thorns.

Beef up your home’s electronic security network by planting a network of beautiful, but imposing greenery.

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Indoor Cat(s) Litter Box Placement Advice Courtesy of Pensacola Real Estate Professionals

I recently came across an interesting blog discussing where is the best place to put a cat(s) litter box. A realtor was trying to sell a home, where the owner’s kept the litter box in the master bedroom closet!!!

You can pretty much imagine, that most people’s comments agreed that this was a bad idea. Cat box odors will permeate clothes, towels or any other fabrics, so placing it in ANY closet  is a big NO! NO!

Most individuals who live up north have the luxury of having a basement, which is an optimum place to keep a litter box, food and water for those furry friends we keep as pets.

Those of us in the south, specifically Florida, don’t have basements. Therefore, this is not a viable option.

cat litter box in laundry roomA large laundry room is a suitable location to keep a litter box in the sunshine state, while keeping food and water for your cat(s) in the breakfast eating

Keeping the litter box, food and water in the garage is another good option. A cat door placed in an interior garage door will allow the cat(s) to go to and from the garage to eat, drink and relieve themselves.

Owner’s who elect to have the cat(s) use the garage have to be aware of their pets whereabouts when entering or exiting this area. (Some people elect to put a cat door in a door leading to a screened-in lanai. The problem with this, is that because it isn’t fully enclosed, food and water may attract pests, which may then find their way into your home.)

cat door

The most important thing is to keep the box clean, no matter where it is located, and remember to freshen your pet’s food and water daily. (Important Tip: take up any left over food after your pet(s) have finished eating, if they dine in the garage. You don’t want to attract or feed any other critters, such as ants or roaches!)

litter box cabinet and food and water cabinet comboDon’t forget there are quite a few hideaway pieces of furniture that can be found that disguise the litter box or the cat(s) food and water bowls. Check out or to see some cat cabinets that will hide the unmentionables.

And if you are showing your home to perspective buyers, clean the box and the area where the food and water are kept (and hide them away, once clean, in the above mentioned disguise-type pieces of furniture) and take your pet(s) — in a carrier — out with you when you leave. This way perspective buyers are free to look about without worrying about accidentally letting the cat(s) out.

If I can help you get your house ready for sale, contact me Lisa Burns, Broker Pensacola Real Estate Professionals here, or directly at 850-393-7106. And let me know where you think the best place is to keep a litter box.

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