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The Crimson Tide Rolls Onto Pensacola Beach

Red Tide, that is, not the Alabama Crimson Tide.

I know there are a lot of Alabama fans in the Pensacola area, but I don’t believe there are too many fans of the Red Tide.

An algae bloom know as Red Tide comes to visit the beaches in the Pensacola area from time to time.  Red Tide is a major irritant and causes watery eyes, sore throats, and a tickling cough. Anyone who experiences these symptoms near the coastline should leave and head inland.

Red Tide is unpredictable. We never know when it is going to come and when it is going to leave. The last bad Red Tide I remember was in October of 2005. It was so bad on Pensacola Beach, you could hardly walk to the beach without coughing. But I went to Perdido Key the same day and there was no sign of Red Tide at Perdido Key beaches.

For beach residents, I guess it’s just another drawback of living on the beach, albeit a rare occurrence.

You should not go into the water during a Red Tide outbreak, but if you do (I know nothing can keep surfers out of the water), take a shower just as quickly as you can after leaving the water. At the very least, rinse your face and eyes with fresh water. And expect to look like you have pink eye for a few hours.

Update:  The red tide on Pensacola Beach has not returned since this article was published. However, in March of 2010 we did have some decaying matter in the water which caused it to be brown and ugly, kind of like sewage. See the article What is Brown and Smelly and Won’t Leave Pensacola Beach.

UPDATE 2013: Fortunately, the red tide has not hit Pensacola Beach in years. If you are planning a Pensacola vacation, the water is beautiful and life’s a beach. Come enjoy yourself!

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  2. Freddie

    The red tide of Pensecola Beach may be as tuff as the Crimson Tide of Tuscaloosa. Roll Tide