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Rain May Kill Pensacola Red Tide

I was pleased as I looked at the weather radar on Tuesday morning to see the whole area of the Gulf of Mexico south of Pensacola Beach and Perdido Key covered with rain. The northwest Florida beaches are experiencing a terrible outbreak of red tide this week and rain is supposed to be a sure fire cure for the red tide. I have no data to back this up, but a surf report given by Yancy Spencer III from Innerlight Surf Shop indicated that he believes if we get rain it will help the red tide go away.

 Scientist are currently studying red tide and trying to find out how to prevent it. A summary is provided at the NSTA web site.  Or for a less scientific description, you can check out the Wikipedia Red Tide page.

I’m truly sorry for those tourist who have come to vacation on our beautiful sugar white sand beaches in Northwest Florida only to experience the burning eyes and coughing that go along with red tide.  If it wasn’t the red tide, it could be large surf or jellyfish. Nature will have it’s way. At least we don’t have the shark attacks like they do on the east coast of Florida.

  1. Sandi B


    Thank you for posting these articles on Red Tide… living in northern California, I had never even heard of it!