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Red Tide Update for Pensacola Beach

Here’s a red tide Pensacola Beach update for Friday, October 19.

After 2 days of intense non-stop rain (around 14″ measured in Pensacola, and even more in Gulf Breeze), we finally got a break today. I took the chance to head for Pensacola Beach.  Pensacola_Beach_Red-tide-dead-fish_resizedThe wind had switched northwest. Walking down to the water, I passed a line of dead things. Lots of dead things. Hundreds of dead snake-like creatures, most likely eels, and plenty of assorted fish.

After crossing the dead line, the stench was overwhelming. Remember, northwest wind,  blowing toward the Gulf, cross the dead line and the wind blows the deadness right in your face. I went into the water for a few hours and saw no life. Red tide is still there, but tolerable. With the north wind, Pensacola Beach and Perdido Key residents should have a more comfortable breathing environment, at least for the weekend.

I saw mostly small dead fish and eels, but saw that very large fish were washed up down by Portofino, as you can see in the photo. Very nasty. Let’s hope the red tide recedes and we can enjoy these last few weeks of beaching before the winter hits. This is by far my favorite time of year to go to the beach. Warm water, no jellyfish, no crowds, and not too hot.  (Sort of like our current real estate market).

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