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Saturday Was Beautiful On Pensacola Beach

I’ve been running a series of posts on the red tide conditions at Pensacola Beach during the week of October 14-19. Here are the links to my previous posts if you are interested.

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Conditions were just plain miserable this week, all along the Gulf Coast, from Navarre to Perdido Key (possibly all the way to Panama City and Orange Beach Alabama). Saturday, however, was gorgeous. The weather on the beach was cool and the water was a beautiful emerald green.Pensacola_Beach_Pierview7_resize400 The shot below was taken from Pensacola Beach Pier looking west towards Fort Pickens and Perdido Key.

There is a guy in the water teaching two young kids how to surf. The water looks warm and inviting. Notice the lack of crowds.

 I checked Pensacola Beach from the Portofino condos down to the Cross. I was amazed to see most all of the dead fish killed by the red tide gone from Pensacola Beach. I wondered if they had been eaten by birds, but there were very few birds around. Maybe the gulf reclaimed them. I wondered.

Then I saw a white truck moving slowly down the beach with guys picking up the last of the dead fish. Here are some bigger ones down by Portofino just a few minutes before the men in the white truck took them away.  

I think when these fellas picking up the rotting fish got their community service orders, they were thinking of a nice day picking up litter at the beach. Instead, stinky fish was the order of the day to pay their debt to society.

In looking at some of these pictures, what amazed me was how beautiful it was to look down the coastline from the Pensacola Beach Fishing Pier, but at the same time to realize that there was little or no life at all in the water. It will take some time to recover from the red tide invasion. The last time I walked on the pier with my wife, we saw schools of dolphins playing and feeding. Not today.


Notice this picture of the end of the Pensacola Beach Pier. Pensacola_Beach_End-Of_PierOn a typical beautiful Saturday it would be packed with fisherman. Looked pretty empty today. All in all, a very nice day at the beach, but it was also sad that so much wildlife was lost to the red tide. Let’s hope the redi tide is gone for a long long time.


The purple flags usually mean jellyfish in the water, but this last week they indicated the red tide. Nobody likes the Purple Flag.  Especially not the fish.

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