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How To Determine The Cost Of Flood Insurance Coverage In Pensacola


The National Flood Insurance Program has a web site from which you can determine if you live in a high risk flood zone, or if the property you are looking at is in a high risk flood area.

Given that Escambia and Santa Rosa counties tend to have a lot of low-lying areas, especially in the southern parts of these counties, it is critical that homeowners or buyers check the risk of floods to their homes. All you should need is the address of the property to find this approximate cost of flood insurance.

1. Go to the FEMA National Flood Insurance Program website.

2. Provide the property address. Once you access the web page, enter the property information in the available fields and then click the “Submit” button.

3. Wait for results.  After a few moments your results should be returned. I entered an address on Bayou Drive, which is in the Pensacola city limits, and borders Bayou Chico. The results returned indicated this property was in a high risk area.

I also entered addresses in areas that are high and dry with hardly any risk of flooding. These properties returned “Low to Moderate Risk” results. One address I entered is near the highest elevation in the city of Pensacola, on Creighton Road near Old Spanish Trail. I lived in this area for many years and never even saw a puddle form, much less any potential for flooding. Yet I was still given a Low to Moderate Risk result. My point is that your home will never be only “Low Risk” in their model.

4. Figure out the cost. After determining the level of risk for the subject property, you can scroll down the page and click on the link “Estimate Your Premium“. This will take you to a web page where you can put in the assessed risk and get a breakdown of the premiums you will pay in the given home. Note that the coverage premiums are based on structure and contents.

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