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How Important Are Pictures For Your Listing?

If your agent tells you that pictures are not that important, find a new agent.

There are plenty of professional qualified agents in Pensacola who can take great pictures.
Pictures are VERY important. If there are 5 houses a prospective buyer wants to see, and that buyer only has time to see 3 homes on a given day, wouldn’t you expect that those three homes would be the ones with the best features and pictures. Maybe that prospect will visit your home on another day, but maybe that prospect already found the perfect home before ever seeing yours, because the other home had pictures in the MLS listing.

Remember the old expression:  You don’t get another chance to make a good first impression.

Without pictures, your only impression may be an entry in the Pensacola MLS and not the home tour you are hoping for. St_regis_Kitchen_Trashed_RS450

Most people are very visual creatures and need to see pictures to truly spark their interest. The more good pictures, the better.

Now I have to say that if your home is ugly, cluttered or downright trashed, pictures may be a bad idea. Don’t ever display a picture like this one.

Want to see more really bad pictures (not from the Pensacola MLS). Click here to see some truly bad MLS photos from around the country. This guy has a great since of humor.

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  1. Athol Kay

    Hi there! Thanks so much for the link love I appreciate it!

    It’s a fine line between bad photos of houses and photos of bad houses though. Sometimes a good photo, of a terrible house really works.

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