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Building A Hurricane Resistant Home Of The Future In Pensacola With ICF Will Save Money For Years To Come

If you plan to build a new home on the Gulf Coast, you should learn about ICF. ICF stands for Insulating Concrete Forms and is far superior to traditional construction methods in many ways.

According to the ICF industry, ICF is the wave of the future in building, both commercial and residential. It has been used in other countries for over 40 years, but is only now gaining popularity in the United States. Some of the benefits associated with ICF homes are especially applicable to Pensacola and the Gulf Coast. Here is a short list of some of the benefits: Pensacola_Beach_Dome2_RS200

Energy Efficiency: I’ve seen different claims on the energy savings ranging from 30% up to 70%. Even the low end of the range can amount to significant savings during the hot Pensacola summers.

Termites Don’t Eat Concrete: ICF homes are highly pest resistant. If you have paid the price of termite treatment, you know this feature alone can save you a few thousand dollars. We all know termites love to feast on our Pensacola homes.

Peace and Quiet: The material is more insulating, so it results not only in energy savings, but also in a more sound proof home

Mold Is History: You are much less likely to have mold growth on concrete. After hurricane Ivan hit Pensacola, we could have all used more ICF and less mold growth.

Lower Home Insurance Premiums: ICF homes generally have lower premiums due to the fact they are more resistant to fire and storm elements. Speak to your homeowners insurance agent first if you are considering building an ICF home.

Thanks to one of my favorite real estate bloggers, Sellsius, for his great article. You can check it out at the Sellsius blog.

And since I didn’t have a picture of an ICF building, I included a picture of the Dome Home on Pensacola Beach. The owner weathered hurricane Ivan in this home. I wouldn’t have done that.  

Here are more references for information about ICF homes.
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  1. jf.sellsius

    Great piece. Very cool ICF dome building