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Pensacola Market Data For October 2007


Residential Properties in 
Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties

            Pensacola Market Data October 2007

Although the inventory of homes for sale has continuted to drop a little (Total Active Listings), the Pensacola market is saturated with homes for sale.  As time goes by and I collect more Pensacola Market Data, we’ll be able to see more of a trend in the Pensacola real estate market.

What this table basically shows us is that not much is changing in our market. Although the active listings have dropped a little since September, note that the number of Pensacola Expired and Withdrawn listings have increased. Additionally, the number of homes sold in Pensacola has dropped significantly. All numbers point to a serious buyer’s market.

Expired and Withdrawn listings are generally overpriced listings. That is why the inventory of homes for sale in Pensacola is so high. There are too many overpriced listings that will never sell. It is better that they just expire. Rather than go on about this topic, I refer you to a great article written by Tampa Realtor Jackie Colson-Miller, whose blog is a great resource and loaded with good articles. In this one, she talks about unrealistic sellers in her market. Read it here:  How Sellers Can Beat the Competition in a Buyer’s Market.

The table shows the weekly market data for Pensacola residential property.
These numbers include only residential homes and condominiums in Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties.
They do not include vacant land or lots, mobile homes or manufactured homes.
The numbers above are created using data from the Pensacola MLS and are deemed reliable but not guaranteed

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    […] If you haven’t noticed, the Pensacola real estate market is in the dumps. It seems the only winners are the buyers who are getting good deals on homes, and there aren’t nearly enough of them to make this a decent market. On a bright note, the Pensacola real estate market dropped below the 7000 active listings mark this week. As of today, there are 6974 active listings. This primarily means that sellers with overpriced homes are leaving the market. It’s not that the homes are starting to sell. Read more about the Pensacola market numbers last month in my post on Pensacola Real Estate Market Data – October 2007. […]