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Curious About Pensacola Statistics? Check Out This Report

If you want information on Pensacola Florida, I ran across a report that gives a lot of statistics about Escambia County. It was put out by Prosperity Pensacola.

It contains information on demographics, families, safety, crime rates, education, the economy and much more. It also provides comparisons between Escambia County and the state of Florida, and in some cases, the entire nation. Penguins-hundreds-of-them_RS350

The big question usually regards population. So to save you the time of looking at this report if you just want to know the population, in 2006 the population of Escambia County Florida was 313,358.

Now I must warn you, some of the information is not pretty. For example,

  • 3185 Homeless Children in Escambia County in 2005
  • 7.8% Higher poverty rate than the rest of Florida
  • 1 of every 10 middle school children had 5 or more drinks in 1 sitting within the past 2 weeks (that is not a typo, I said “middle” school)

On the bright side, Escambia county exceeds the national average in home ownership rates.

Let’s make that statistic even stronger. It’s a great buyer’s market, so go find a super deal and buy a house. You can start your search right here. Pensacola Florida Home Search

You can find the full report on the website of the University Of West Florida

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