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If Your Realtor Is CAPPING Your Listing, You May Be Losing Prospects For Selling Your Home


If you are listing your home, you want your prospects to read every detail in the Pensacola MLS description. You want them to feel like they must see your home. Do you think they will feel this way if your agent is SHOUTING at them? Shouting_at_Computer

Note that this is meant to be an educational post. I am not trying to criticize anyone, only improve the quality of everyone’s real estate experience.  This agent who blogs on Activerain is a little more emphatic about it.

Here is an excerpt from another article about using ALL CAPS. Thanks to Dave Casali from readMedia in Albany, N.Y. for this simple tip about writing in upper case:

“Nothing kills a reader’s momentum quicker than a section of text in all caps. Blocks of capital letters are extremely difficult to read, and tend to immediately turn readers off.

On average, upper case type is read approximately 13 percent slower than lowercase text. The reason for this is simple: Readers are used to lower case type, and actually view words as pictures, allowing them to put sentences together ahead of the point they’re reading. Using large blocks of capital letters cause readers to focus on individual words rather than taking in a whole sentence. Don’t let your message get lost in capitalized text!”

The use of ALL CAPS when typing online is considered shouting. It is also very difficult to read, especially when the description of a home is 30 lines long with no breaks. You can pretty much guarantee that no one is going to read the whole description.


If no one can stand to read about the details of your Pensacola home for sale, do you think they are going to want to come take a tour?  Maybe they will look past the shouting, but maybe not. Do you want to take that chance?

I wasn’t sure how prevalent ALL CAPS was in the Pensacola MLS, so I did a little experiment. I picked an area in Pensacola and searched for all active listings in that area. Then I looked at 20 of them, in numerical order.

Of the 20 Pensacola MLS entries I checked, 6 of them had descriptions written in ALL CAPS. That’s a 30% CAP rate. Must have been a fluke I thought. So I tried some other areas of Pensacola. I even went across the bridge (figuratively speaking) into Gulf Breeze.  Now I was impressed by the Gulf Breeze listings. Only a 15% CAP rate. But I couldn’t stop there. I just had to check out Milton. 

NO! It couldn’t be! Milton had a 35% CAP rate! CAP_RATE

Now these results really mean nothing statistically. But they do show that some real estate agents need to become a little more internet savvy. Maybe an E-Pro certification could help. My Tomato buddy Jim  loves those E-Pro certs. More on Realtor certifications in a later post.

And remember, along with the description, good pictures are extremely important.

Read my article about the importance of pictures here:
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For fun, check out this site on Bad MLS Pictures. I wonder if we have any of these in the Pensacola MLS. If you want to find out for yourself, you can go Search The Pensacola MLS.

Click on Pensacola Real Estate News for a complete list of articles indexed by category.  


  1. Front Porch VIew


    I am so glad that I read your article. I have never heard of these statistics before now. I don’t use CAPs except for on rare ocassion, but now wil have to second guess the use of them.

    Great Post!


  2. Karl

    Thanks for the comment Chad. Actually, I have never heard of this statistic either. I made it up as I went along. Kind of amused myself a little.