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Pensacola Neighborhoods: Lake Charlene – The Jewel Of Myrtle Grove

There are 3 major named subdivisions in Myrtle Grove. Lake Charlene takes the prize for being the nicest most upscale subdivision within Myrtle Grove. Lake Charlene is a perfect neighborhood for relocating military personnel or retired military personnel because it is close to the Naval Bases and the Navy Exchange.

The 3 primary subdivisions within Myrtle Grove are Lake Charlene, Twin Oaks, and Forte Estates. Although every area of Myrtle Grove is a subdivision, these three subdivisions better fit the category of a traditional subdivision. Most who live in other areas of Myrtle Grove would likely not even know the name of the subdivision they live in since it is just considered a generic neighborhood in Myrtle Grove.


Of all the sales of homes in Myrtle Grove from Oct ’06 – Oct ’07, only three homes broke the $200K barrier and all three were in Lake Charlene.

In this article, we take a closer look at Lake Charlene.

Most homes in Lake Charlene are standard ranch brick homes that were built in the mid 70s. It is the only subdivision in Myrtle Grove that has any waterfront homes. It even has a small waterfront condo complex known as Lake Charlene Condos.  A drive through Lake Charlene shows that it is a well kept subdivision with very nice homes. Although it is the most expensive subdivision in Myrtle Grove, it is still a great value. 





Lake Charlene is a great place for military families relocating to Pensacola and military retirees who wish to stay in Pensacola. It borders Corry Field Naval Base, and Pensacola Naval Air Station is less than a 15 minute drive. The Navy Exchange Shopping Center is within a 5 minute drive from anywhere in Lake Charlene. And those wishing to attend Pensacola Junior College can get to the Warrington Campus within 10 minutes or less. Military personnel relocating to Pensacola should seriously consider Lake Charlene if it meets their needs and is within their price range.

If Lake Charlene is a place you may desire to live, now or in the future, I can set up an email notification system that alerts you via email every time a new home comes on the market in Lake Charlene. This allows you to track the homes being listed in Lake Charlene. I can also provide this same service for any subdivision or area in the Pensacola real estate market. To contact me, just fill in the information on the Contact Page and I will promptly add you to the email notification list of the Pensacola area or subdivision of your choice.


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  1. Raleigh Real Estate

    Hi Karl,

    I know I would seriously consider buying a home in Lake Charlene… especially if I needed to be near the military base. Waterfront property at such attractive prices just has to be a good long term investment.

  2. Karl Burger

    Lake Charlene should hold its value better than most places on the west side of Pensacola, making it a good long term investment in Pensacola real estate. Thanks for dropping by.

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