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What’s In Your Pensacola Zip Code?

Did you ever wonder what your area of town is like, as compared to other areas of town? Do the people in Pensacola zip code 32504 make more money on average than the people in Pensacola zip code 32506?

Do you really care? If you do, a new cool site has been developed. It gives you the skinny on zip codes around the United States, including those in Pensacola Florida of course.

Just go to and type in your zip code. Play around and check out how your neighbors fare in comparison to your area of town.

Thanks to Sellsius for this cool tip.

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  1. Mary De Luca

    Karl- what a great website. I couldn’t help but put in my zip code in Arlington, VA. I learned that more than half the people that live in my zip code are single, and close to 60% have a college degree or better. Pretty cool!

  2. Karl

    Mary, Glad you stopped by and found it useful. I think it would be a neat tool for someone relocating and trying to find demographics that fit their desires, like income ranges and education levels.

  3. South Charlotte Real Estate

    Very cool catch Karl–great quick snapshot–Which Pensacola zip codes are buyers most interested in? Terry McDonald

  4. Karl

    Terry, It all depends on where they work and what they can afford. One particular zip does not seem to be any more popular than others, but maybe I need to do a study :-).
    Thanks for the idea.