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Florida Property Tax Reform – 2 Perspectives For Pensacola Residents

Every real estate owner in Pensacola Florida, whether a home owner, commercial business owner, or real estate investor, should be interested in the current Florida tax reform legislation. A significant amount of money is at stake, both for real estate owners and the state of Florida. This post is provided to give Pensacola real estate owners 2 different perspectives on the Florida tax reform issue.

Jackie Colson-Miller is a Tampa Florida real estate agent whose blog I read regularly. I like Jackie’s writing a lot and value her opinions. Read her take on Florida tax reform at the Tampa Real Estate Sizzle blog

Another opinion is offered by John Sebree, the vice president of public policy for the Florida Association of Realtors. John does a great job of explaining the tax reform bill and provides examples of how it will affect Florida residents in different situations. Watch John’s video at the Florida Association of Realtors web site.

Once you’ve seen these 2 opinions on the Florida tax reform issue, take Jackie’s poll and let other Florida residents know how you are going to vote. When I looked at the poll results, the overwhelming majority of her readers were going to vote “No”.  

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