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East Hill Pensacola – Historic Homes

I love East Hill. It has always been one of my favorite neighborhoods in Pensacola Florida. It also has my favorite park, Bayview Park, with a little something for everyone. East Hill is within the limits of the City Of Pensacola.

In this article, I wanted to show you a historic home in East Hill that overlooks Bayview Park. This home was built in 1915 by a local Pensacola lumber baron for the lady he loved. That is about all I know regarding the history of this home, but I intend to do some more research as I have time.

The owners are now trying to sell this home. In the Pensacola MLS it is described as the “Crown Jewel Of Pensacola”. It is over 3200 sq ft and has been “painstakingly restored” over the past 29 years.   The list price is $765,000.

To the right is a picture of the guest house next to the home. East_Hill_Manshion_MLS319636d_GuestHouse_RS400

The most expensive home sold in East Hill since November 2004 was a 4500 sq ft completely restored home. It was on the market for over a year and finally sold for $1.5 million.  At only about half that price, this East Hill charmer looks like a pretty nice deal. If you take a look at the view of the park and the bayou from this home, you will be sold. It is truely one of the more beautiful locations in Pensacola.

If you live in Pensacola, I recommend a visit to Bayview Park. It has tennis courts, children’s play areas, 3 dog parks including one on the water, picnic areas, a community center, a boat ramp and lots of open space with old oak trees.

These dogs appear to agree with my assessment of the park. I love the way that new dogs are greeted at the dog parks. Every other dog rushes to the gate, making it almost impossible for the newcomer to get inside. Then once inside, the newcomer is thoroughly sniffed and given the once over by every other dog in the park. And then the newcomer just becomes one of the pack.


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  1. Sandi Bauman

    Karl- This was a fun article to read on East Hill in Pescacola, FL. The home you featured was gorgeous… I especially loved that huge tree in the top right of the photo… and I had never heard of a dog park- let alone a WATER dog park!

  2. Karl Burger

    East hill is a special place in Pensacola. The residents love it more than any other neighborhoods I’ve seen. There is a certain “coolness” associated with living in East Hill. We need dog parks around here. Dogs are not allowed on Pensacola Beach or Perdido key, so it is great for them to have a place to play and swim.

  3. South Charlotte Real Estate

    Great photos Karl–East Hill looks like a great place to live in Pensacola. Bring your own dog… gotta love that.
    Terry McDonald

  4. Paula Henry, Indianapolis Real Estate

    Karl – I love this home! I have a great fondness for older homes which have been restored. As always, price will be the determining factor in any home. Since it did not sell yet, you won’t know what price the Pensacola market will bear for this type of home.

  5. Port Orange Juice

    I love this East Hill tiled roof Spanish style home! Dog parks are a great place for pets.We have several in Port Orange FL!

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  7. Mariann Zander

    My husband and I have been the proud owners of the house you featured on your web site for the last 30 years. It truly is a one of a kind jewel with its historic and unique features. We have lowered the price considerably from the price quoted on your website. If anyone is truly interested, please call me at 810-231-3300.