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Florida Property Tax Reform – Opposed by League Of Women Voters

As anyone with an interest in Pensacola real estate is aware, there is a lot of debate now about how to reform the Florida property tax laws. In a recent article I provided links to real estate sites providing differing opinions. You can read that article by clicking on Pensacola Real Estate News.

Here is more news on the issue. On December 1, the League of Women Voters provided a press release opposing the Florida property tax reform in its current state.  Here is an excerpt from the press release describing why they oppose this amendment. Their position is that it will do the following:

(1)    Add limitations and exemptions regarding revenue sources in the Florida Constitution

(2)    Extend and increase homestead tax limitations without regard to the ability of homeowners to pay;

(3)    Extend the inequities created through Save Our Homes by allowing homeowners to transfer its benefits; and

(4)    Worsen Florida’s current infrastructure deficit and the decline in the level of state services and in our quality of life.

To read the full press release, click on this link to the League Of Women Voters Press Release.

This was just an update on the issue provided to keep you informed. As I come across other information regarding this amendment, I will pass it along.

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