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Pensacola Real Estate News – East Pensacola Heights – Part 1 – A Perspective In Local History

I attended an informative and fascinating presentation on the history of East Pensacola Heights held in downtown Pensacola and organized by students of history from the University of West Florida. The presentation was entitled “Dirt Roads, Alley Ways and Row Boats”. I think the presenters were a little surprised at the large turnout for their presentation on Pensacola history. After a short presentation, a panel of 3 senior citizens who grew up in East Pensacola Heights sat down for a question and answer session.

East Pensacola Heights Map

It was easy to take notes, and now relay the information to my readers. What I cannot relay is the feeling in the room. The crowd was fascinated and amused by the stories these East Pensacola Heights residents had to share. There was a lot of strong positive emotion flowing through the room as the crowd tried to imagine what it must have been like to have lived in Pensacola during such simple times.

For those unfamiliar with Pensacola, East Pensacola Heights is the area in southeast Pensacola on the east side of Bayou Texar (pronounced Tey-har, or Tuh-har). Just don’t pronounce the “X” as you would in Texas. People might laugh at you. The picture below shows the beautiful boat launch on Bayou Texar, one of many free boat launches in Pensacola.

Bayou Texar Boat LaunchPensacola Bayou Texar Boat Launch

I hate to make my articles too long, as people tend not to read long articles. So I will break this one into 3 parts. In the next part, I’ll share some interesting stories told by the residents of East Pensacola Heights.  I hope you are able to drive through the neighborhood and enjoy this treasured piece of Pensacola history.  This last picture shows the beautiful view of Bayview Park as seen from East Pensacola Heights.

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East Pensacola Heights View Of Bayview ParkEast Pensacola Heights View Of Bayview Park

You can find Parts 2 and 3 of this article at the links below:

East Pensacola Heights – Part 2 – Some History and Some Stories Shared
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  1. Port Orange Juice

    Great post on Pensacola FL history seen through the eyes of seniors.

  2. Pensacola Real Estate News

    Thanks. I think my next one will be even more interesting. I wish I had remembered my camera, but I didn’t know if I was allowed to take pictures. The panel of seniors were real cut ups. You could tell they were enjoying it.

  3. Chico CA Real Estate- Sandi Bauman

    I love that Pensacola utilized the memories and combined knowledge of 3 local senior citizens- what a treat!

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