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Pensacola Real Estate News – East Pensacola Heights – Part 3 – How Times Have Changed

East Pensacola Heights Residential ListingsThis is Part 3 of a 3 part series on the neighborhood of East Pensacola Heights. For parts 1 and 2, click on the links below.

East Pensacola Heights – Part 1 – A Perspective In Local History
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East Pensacola Heights still has a lot of charm and character even though it has built up a bit more over the past years, including a high rise condo called Scenic Terrace overlooking Escambia Bay. This Pensacola condo was completed in 1999 amid a lot of controversy.  In the picture below, you can see the view of East Pensacola Heights from Bayview Park, which is in East Hill. The Scenic Terrace condo is in the background.

East Pensacola Heights

East Pensacola Heights View From Bayview ParkEast Pensacola Heights View From Bayview Park

My feeling is that most people who live in East Pensacola Heights would like to stay there. As you drive through the area, you see very few homes for sale. It is not like East Hill where there are multiple homes on every block for sale. But then, East Pensacola Heights is considerably smaller than East Hill. 

Many of the homes in East Pensacola Heights are older. Of all the homes sold in 2007, over half were built prior to 1960, with the oldest home sold built in 1928. There are also a lot of nice old oak trees in just about every neighborhood.  The area has a historic homey feeling to it. Here are a couple of random homes I believe capture the feeling of living in East Pensacola Heights.

East Pensacola Heights Home

East Pensacola Heights Home

Shown below are the current residential homes for sale in East Pensacola Heights. This gives you a general idea of the values of homes in the area.

The 2 highest priced homes in this list are waterfront properties.

In the next table you can see the condos for sale in East Pensacola Heights.


The highest priced Pensacola condo in this list is in the Scenic Terrace Condo on Escambia Bay. East Pensacola Heights Condos For Sale

East Pensacola Heights also has several very nice restaurants.  Of particular note  are Georgios Pizza, Jerry’s Drive-In, Hunan, The New Yorker Deli and Mediteranean Plus. If you want to spend a little more, consider Skopelos which has  a beautiful view of Escambia Bay, or the Angus for steak and seafood.

In an end-of-year follow-up post, I’ll show you the Pensacola real estate sales numbers for East Pensacola Heights.

I hope this series on the history of East Pensacola Heights was informative and entertaining for all my readers. It is truly a delightful community, and a highly desireable area for real estate in Pensacola.

Click on Pensacola Real Estate News for a list of articles indexed by category.  If you are interested in purchasing any real estate in East Pensacola Heights, please Contact Me and I will be happy to show you any properties available in this historic area of Pensacola.

  1. Wasilla Real Estate

    I enjoyed the photos of homes and neighborhoods in East Pensacola Heights. I really appreciate older established neighborhoods. A house in my area that is built in the 1960’s is practically a historical landmark.

    It’s obvious that you know your market.