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Pensacola Real Estate Market Data For December 2007

Residential Properties in 
Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties

Pensacola Real Estate Market Data

The inventory of homes for sale in Pensacola has continuted to drop, but the Pensacola real estate market is still a buyer’s market. The most noteable statistic in this month’s data is the large number of withdrawn and expired listings. The Pensacola MLS data shows that 282 listings expired or were withdrawn on December 31. Apparently many listing contracts were expiring at year end.  

– The table shows the monthly market data for Pensacola residential property.
– These numbers include only residential homes and condominiums in Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties that are listed in the Pensacola MLS.
– The numbers do not include vacant land or lots, mobile homes or manufactured homes.
– The numbers are generated using data from the Pensacola MLS and are deemed reliable but not guaranteed

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  1. Erik Hansen

    Thank you for this great post about a neighborhood I remember very well. I lived in the Scenic Heights community on San Monica Rd for 18 years! I now live in Orlando and sell real estate with Keller Williams Realty. Finding a great Pensacola blog like yours is refreshing, and I will bookmark your site for future reference! I hope to someday invest in my hometown of Pensacola, and I want you to know that I would be happy to work with any Orlando referrals you can send my way!! Thanks for the nice blog and keep it up!!

  2. Karl

    Thanks for the compliment. I loved doing the Scenic Heights articles and meeting some of the people who grew up there. Glad you found my blog.

  3. Allison

    I have been looking at different Real Estate web sites for 2+ years, as we will be listing and hopefully moving to the Pensacola/Milton area this summer (08-finally). All of the houses have begun to look the same. We have specific needs that just aren’t out there (even in this market) after 2 years!! Your site was very encouraging and gives a “real” look at homes and pricing in the area. We just may have to build…who knows.
    Do you think you will do a special on the Pace/Milton area?

    Thanks again for the info.

  4. Karl

    Allison, Yes, I will work on some reports for Milton and Pace. There is a lot going on there, so I’m not sure exactly what you are looking for coverage on. Feel free to email me and let me know what your requirements are and I will do whatever I can to help you find what you are looking for. Keep checking back for updates on Milton and Pace. It may be several weeks or so before I can get to it. Thanks for your comments. Glad my site is helpful. – Karl

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