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Pensacola Real Estate News Subdivision Report: Mayfair

This article provides a Pensacola real estate market report on the Mayfair subdivision. If you are interested in seeing any homes in the Mayfair subdivision, or any other homes for sale in Pensacola Florida, Contact Me for assistance. All of the homes pictured on this page were for sale at the time this article was published.

Mayfair is called by several different names depending on where you look, including Mayfair, Oakcrest, and Carriage Hills. This report includes the area delineated on the map, since it is not clearly defined as to where one area starts and another ends. 

Mayfair is located in the northwest part of  Pensacola.  It is not within the Pensacola city limits. Mayfair is accessible from Fairfield Drive and  Mobile Highway. It is convenient to the Pensacola Naval Air Station, Saufley Field Naval Base, and downtown Pensacola. Most other popular Pensacola locations can be reached in a relatively short amount of time from Mayfair.


Mayfair is a neighborhood with very affordable homes. Many homes are the older cinder block style homes built in the 1950s and 1960s. If you are looking for an affordable home that has been remodeled and upgraded, Mayfair always has some of these homes for sale. If you are in the market to get a very inexpensive home and fix it up yourself, Mayfair can accomodate. Mayfair also has many properties that are rentals, making it a good neighborhood for investors or those who need to rent for a while before buying.

Information on travel times provided below is approximate and will depend on traffic and time of day.

Approximate travel times to popular Pensacola destinations:

Downtown Pensacola: 20 Minutes
Cordova Mall / Pensacola Airport / Pensacola Junior College : 20-25 minutes
Pensacola Beach : 35-40 minutes
Perdido Key:  30-35 minutes
University of West Florida: 35-40 minutes
Pensacola Naval Air Station (Home of the Blue Angels ): 15-20 minutes

Escambia County School Districts for Mayfair Subdivision:

Elementary: Oakcrest
Middle:  Brownsville
High:  Pine Forest


Homes in Mayfair generally fall into the following ranges:

Age of Homes: Homes in Mayfair were generally built between 1950 and 1970
Square Footage:  900-1500 range
Bedrooms: 3 mostly, with some 2 and 4 bedroom homes
Bathrooms:  1-2
Garages:  Generally 1 car carports. Homes with garages usually have the garage converted to an extra room.
Lot Sizes: .2 – .3 acre
Waterfront? None
Swimming Pools: Of the homes currently listed for sale in the Pensacola MLS, 3 homes have a swimming pool.
Foreclosures: Of the homes currently listed for sale in the Pensacola MLS, 1 is a foreclosure property.  
Mayfair does not have a Home Owners Association. They do however have organized neighborhood meetings, so there are ways to get involved in the neighborhood.

Average Days On Market for homes sold in 2007 was 115.

Below are some pictures of typical homes currently for sale in the Mayfair subdivision



The following table shows Pensacola real estate market data for Mayfair. The numbers in the table are created using data from the Pensacola MLS and are deemed reliable but not guaranteed. These numbers do not include sales by Pensacola FSBOs. The number of active and sold homes are coincidentally the same.  That is actually very strange, since I don’t really believe in coincidences.


As of January 24, the following homes were for sale in the Mayfair subdivision:


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I hope this market report on Mayfair subdivision was helpful. This market report is a reflection of the Pensacola real estate market as of January 24, 2008. These numbers will change as the market changes. If this report is not current at the time you are reading it (6 months or more after 01/24/08) and you are interested in buying or selling a home in Mayfair, I recommend that you Contact Me for updated market information on this subdivision.

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