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Pensacola Real Estate News: Redneck Ingenuity Makes Home Inspections A Must

As a Pensacola real estate agent, I always recommend home inspections for my buyers (and sellers too). Most homes have the typical issues that agents and inspectors see often enough, but sometimes unusual “modifications” are encountered. And rednecks are especially good at creative modifications.

Many people don’t think of Florida as having a lot of rednecks, but Pensacola is often jokingly referred to as LA (Lower Alabama). When I grew up in Pensacola it was a much smaller town than it is now. The east side of town generally consisted of families with higher incomes and children that drove the better cars, i.e. not old pick up trucks. The west side of town was considered the more redneck area. The west side crowd used to regularly congregate at large parking lots on Perdido Key and throw some pretty wild parties. There were plenty of good ole boy fights, either over the women, or just drunks fighting for the fun of it. Many of the pickup trucks would be loaded up with kegs of beer. The trucks that weren’t loaded with beer were often being raced across the empty lots, or worked on in the parking lot to make them faster, or just to get them well enough for the trip home.

Today those same stretches of beach property are occupied by high rise Perdido Key condos, where any self-respecting redneck would dare not venture. But rednecks can still be found around the area. In fact, just recently Pensacola home inspector Jim Ellis discovered some true redneck ingenuity in a home he was hired to inspect. Here are Jim’s remarks, and a couple of pictures he snapped at this home:

“My inspection this morning had some handy man work done. Just as an example someone ran the cables from 2 Dish satellites through the top of a plumbing drain waste vent, made a hole in the pipe into the attic and had it exit to the bedrooms for TV! Certainly no short term problems here, but, possible water leaks, slow plumbing drain and odors in the attic could occur”



Jim writes a blog on the Active Rain network. If you want stories and info about home inspections, visit Jim’s blog at

And I couldn’t pass up adding this beauty from my favorite bad MLS photo guy Athol Kay.


How can you really call yourself a redneck if you don’t have a clothes line running across your kitchen. Yes, this picture was actually posted on an MLS somewhere. Thanks Athol.

If you want a bunch of great laughs, visit Athol’s bad MLS photo of the day site at (I’m very sorry to say that Athol’s site is no longer up. It was a real hoot. But there are other Bad MLS Photo sites out there if you are looking to be entertained by photos taken by incompetent real estate agents).  Here’s one.  Maybe it will last a while. Good, but not nearly as funny as Athol’s old site. We miss you Athol, wherever you are.

If any Pensacola west side rednecks are offended by this post, please understand something. I grew up on the west side of Pensacola and went to Escambia High School. I know about those great beach parties because I was at a lot of them. Keep up the ingenuity my redneck brothers. Just beware of the home inspector!

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  1. Blue Ridge Georgia Cabin Rentals

    Good catch on the roof with the cable hook up it amazes me how dumb people can be but looks like they were not planning on staying obviously somebody would have to clean and easier to foreclose and move on right!

  2. RedneckJane

    This is good. I guess people really do think they can get away with this kind of thing. The clothesline is precious!

  3. Charles Woodall

    That’s good stuff Karl!

  4. John C

    Sadly, a “redneck house photos” blog would be easy to fill and pretty popular. I thought i had seen it all until I saw this one, though!

  5. Jonathan Bunn - Ashburn VA Real Estate

    this is great. i need a good laugh. i have seen people go to amazing lengths to get cable. a whole in your roof and piping… this takes the cake.