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Pensacola Real Estate News: Goodbye Jubilee, Hello Contrada Hills, Or Not

Jubilee was to be the first development of its kind in Northwest Florida. Maybe there hasn’t been one like that in the Pensacola area because this area could not support such a development.

Jubilee was to be located in Pace, Florida, approximately 15 miles north of Pensacola. The site was over 2,700 acres of “un-Florida-like rolling terrain with elevation crests and valleys of up to 200 feet dotted with wetlands and mature trees.”  While the Jubilee website is still up as of this writing, the development appears to be going nowhere.  

The Pensacola Beach Blogger has written an article on Jubilee that makes for an interesting read. It is based on a Pensacola News Journal report about the developments with Jubilee.

Or should I say “Contrada Hills”. That is apparently the  new name they have chosen. “Contrada Hills”??? The first thing that comes to my mind is the word Contradiction. Don’t get me wrong, I would love a development like that in Santa Rosa County. I just don’t think this area can support the sales of over 500 homes valued at up to $1.5 million, especially in this down real estate market.

You can read the beach bloggers article at this link, which also links to the Pensacola News Journal article.

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Shake it, shake it, Sugaree
I’ll meet you at the Jubilee
And if that Jubilee don’t come
Maybe I’ll meet you on the run
– Robert Hunter

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