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DirectBuy In Pensacola Florida

I had never actually heard of DirectBuy, most likely because I don’t watch much television. But at the Pensacola real estate investors meeting last week, someone mentioned that a DirectBuy store had opened in Pensacola. It is on Navy Blvd, next to the Goofy Golf. This is just about a block east of Old Corry Field road.

If you want to know more about DirectBuy, just search for it on Google. They claim to provide you super savings on all sorts of home products, such as furniture, appliances, cabinets, and almost anything you need for your home.  A nice lady on the web site tells you all about how you are being charged far too much money for standard household products and how DirectBuy can save you big money on almost anything for your home.

Once you’ve checked out the DirectBuy website infomercial, Google DirectBuy again and look down a few links to the Infomercial Scams link.  I can save you the time. Here it is.

Read up on some experiences people have posted on this site. Then make your own decision on whether or not you want to save money using DirectBuy. I personally do not like high pressure sales situations. That is one reason I like real estate. I offer guidance and support for people buying and selling homes, which helps to build real lasting relationships with clients. I could never be a high pressure sales person.

Being a neutral party who has no experience whatsoever with DirectBuy, I also recommend reading the defenses part of the web page, where DirectBuy members talk about their good experiences with DirectBuy. Follow the link below: 

And go here for a Consumer Reports article on DirectBuy:

As one commenter on the above linked blog wrote, “If your household income is less than $100-150K depending on where in the country you are, I’d recommend you don’t do it, as your expendable income isn’t going to allow you to spend the amount of money they you’re likely to want to recoup. ” Hmmm? How many people in Pensacola make over $150K per year?  

As for the fees DirectBuy charges for the privilege of being a member? Their website won’t tell you how much it cost to become a member. You will have to go to a sales presentation. The scams website will give you a rough idea of the cost. I think I’ll take my money and invest in Pensacola real estate. The market is low and there are plenty of good deals available. I recommend holding your money for a down payment on a home, rather than spending it on a shopping club. But that is just me. I’m not big into shopping.

I hope this article will help you save some of your hard earned money. If you do choose to go for a DirectBuy presentation, let me know how it goes. I would love to hear about how the local Pensacola operation is run.

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  1. Directbuy Scam

    What guarantees,if any, does this so-called reputable company offer for its non-refundable memberhship agreement or is it true that the membership agreement is in reality DirectBuy’s sales contract whhere they try to dupe you into signing something that contains:


    – The Club disclaims all warranties regarding the merchandise
    – Any need for subsequent repairs or service, after receipt of merchandise, is members? own responsibility.
    – The entire merchandise price plus handling fee, estimated freight and sales tax is required as a down payment at the time of placing an order with the Club.
    – Suppliers reserve the right to change their prices without notice.
    – From time to time some suppliers and services are dropped and others are added
    – Only the supplier has the right to cancel an order.

    No Warranties, No Price Guarantees, No Returns, No Guarantee of any savings, 100% purchase price due upon ordering, “Suppliers” can change prices or cancel at any time, and no guarantee of “Supplier” availability; this just to name a few of the “benefits” agreed to in their sales contract costing what? $5000.00 or more depending upon the franchisee.

    Not a scam?

    You decide.

  2. Watchdog

    Here’s what the Consumer Watchdog in Hartford, CT found:

    “If you don’t like the product, tough. You are stuck with it. DirectBuy unlike retail stores has a no-return policy and provides no warranties.

    Sales books are not always up to date, and not every item is always available.

    More disturbing to me is that DirectBuy attempts to hide the fact that not all savings it sees from manufacturers are passed on directly to members.

    By reviewing the 260-plus page agreement with its franchise owners, I learned that DirectBuy reserves the right to keep rebates, discounts and other payments from manufacturers and suppliers.

    It also keeps early-pay discounts, and all DirectBuy purchases are paid by the member at the time of ordering.”,0,3450527.column

    You guessed it. It’s a scam!

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