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Pensacola Real Estate Weekly Market Report for Week Ending May 10, 2008

Weekly Update For Residential Listings 
In Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties

Pensacola Real Estate Market Data

Pensacola Real Estate Market Data


Here is another weekly Pensacola real estate market report. Note that this one is a little late in coming, as it covers the week of May 4-10. I have taken to waiting a little longer to publish these reports for one simple reason. The longer I wait the more accurate the numbers are in regards to homes sold. In a nutshell, I’m saying some real estate agents are just too lazy or too busy to put their sold data into the MLS in a timely manner after they sell  a home.

Here is an example. On May 14, I checked the number of homes sold for the week of May 4-10. The number of recorded homes sold was 60. I then checked again on May 20, and the number of homes sold for that week had jumped to 75. I can check again next week and can almost guarantee that number will have jumped to over 80.

Personally, I don’t quite understand the delay in getting Sold Data into the MLS. It doesn’t take very long, and most real estate agents have the time to spend a few minutes inputing their sold listings. Delaying putting in this data is also a disservice to other real estate professionals who need that comparable data for their buyers and sellers. I’ll get off my soapbox now. At least now you can see why I delay putting out these reports, but would never delay putting in my sold data if I sold a home.

So what is new with the market? Not much. Inventory is holding steady, but Days On Market did drop quite a bit as compared to previous weeks. That is probably just an anomaly, but we’ll see in the weeks to come.       

– The table shows the weekly market data for Pensacola residential property.
– These numbers include only residential homes and condominiums in Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties that are listed in the Pensacola MLS.
– They do not include vacant land or lots, mobile homes or manufactured homes or Pensacola FSBOs.
– The numbers above are created using data from the Pensacola MLS and are deemed reliable but not guaranteed

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