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FBI Shifting More Resources To Mortgage Fraud

I have reported in several articles about the rise in real estate mortgage fraud. A news story was published from Inman news today that indicated the FBI is shifting even more resources to investigations of mortgage fraud. This shift is occuring in 26 field offices in areas hit hardest by mortgage fraud.

Agents in these field offices have actually been ordered to temporarily stop opening new investigations on other crimes, such as wire fraud, mail fraud, price fixing and environmental crimes.

While Florida is one of the top 10 states for mortgage fraud cases, most of these cases are in the central and southern part of the state. Pensacola has not seen the level of fraud that other areas of Florida have. This is due mainly to the fact that Pensacola was not as speculative of a market as other areas of Florida were. Read more in the related articles below about mortgage fraud in Florida, and a case we saw right here in Gulf Breeze Florida.

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