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The Fruits Of Pensacola Florida – Pick Your Own

Many people who I talk to are not aware that there are numerous farms and fields around the Pensacola Florida area where you can pick your own fruits and vegetables. And if you are not excited about getting out in the heat and picking yourself, these places usually have pre-picked fresh produce for sale.

Blueberries In Pensacola Florida

Picking your own can be a very relaxing and nurturing experience. It gets you back into nature and connects you with the fruit of the earth, so to speak. I hear many pickers talking about how much they enjoy just being out in the fields. A friend was telling me that she went picking with her husband and he started reminiscing about picking in his childhood, and it ended up being a very bonding experience for both of them. Picking with your children can also be very rewarding. It is hard to explain the feelings that go along with picking. You just have to try it out for yourself and see if it works for you.

So where can you pick?
For more information on places to pick, check out the Pick Your Own website. This easy-to-use web site lists all of the known pickyourown fruit and vegetable farms in the US. For farms near Pensacola Florida, check the sections for Northwest Florida and Southwest Alabama.
Blueberries In Pensacola Florida
Right now, blueberries are in season. The photo shows the fruits of my efforts earlier in the week. I have picked over 40 pounds of blueberries so far this year. And the cost is a fraction of the cost of buying in the stores. At Beulah Berries, my favorite local field, the cost is only $9 per gallon. Hillcrest Farms in Elberta Alabama also has blueberries now. Strawberries are no longer in season. They are available around Easter. BJ Farms in Elberta is a great Strawberry picking field.

Muscadines will be ripening in August/September. If you are not familiar with muscadines, I would recommend checking them out. They are reported to be one of the healthiest fruits on the planet.

Here’s a link for more info on Muscadines.  Muscadine Grapes – A New Health Food And Alternative Crop

Happy Picking!!!

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