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Could Pensacola Beach Be Facing A Tourism Disaster?

What comes to mind when you think of problems that could cause a drop in tourism on Pensacola Beach and negatively effect the local economy?

Hurricanes?  High real estate prices?  Weak economy?  High gas prices?

Pollution from offshore oil rigs? (Have you seen how ugly Texas beaches and water can be?)

Here’s one you may not have thought of. Jellyfish!!! Ouch. When most people think of jellyfish, they immediately think of pain. Tourists don’t want to fork out the dollars to stay in Pensacola Beach condos only to sit around nursing their burning jellyfish stings.

The jellyfish are very bad at Pensacola beach right now, and have been since late May. See the news article link below concerning the Pensacola Beach invasion:  

Jellyfish Invasion At Pensacola Beach

What is wrong with this picture of Pensacola Beach?

This picture was taken from the Emerald Dolphin Condos on the Sunday before Memorial Day. This is one of the most popular surfing spots on Pensacola Beach, and the surf was very good that day. On any other day you would see at least 30-40 surfers in the water, and plenty more people on the beach.

 This was a beautiful Holiday Weekend!  Where are the people?

If the jellyfish can keep the surfers out of the water on a good day, imagine the effect jellyfish will have on tourists coming to Pensacola Beach.

What if the jellyfish invasion continues all summer long, and then continues every summer for years to come. Why would this be a concern? Recent news articles have pointed to growing jellyfish populations all over the world. The causes cited are global warming, overfishing, and increased pollution.

More and Bigger Jellyfish Could Be Spotted At Beaches  

The Big Sting

Now the Big Sting article linked above taught me something about jellyfish that I never knew. Their mouths also double as their anuses. So while they may have the advantage over us in the water, at least we can sit on the beach and make tasteless jokes about their anatomy.

Are humans to blame?

According to this article on MSNBC, “Many scientists also believe that warming, overfishing and other stresses fuel jellyfish booms in many tourist destinations and commercial fishing areas. “These jellyfish-rich locations include Australia, the Gulf of Mexico, Hawaii, the Black Sea, Namibia, the United Kingdom, the Mediterranean, the Sea of Japan and the Yangtze Estuary” in China, the NSF said.”

My belief is that if the jellyfish continue to congregate at our beautiful Pensacola beaches year after year, our tourists could decide to stay home in their swimming pools and remain pain-free for their summer swim sessions.  Let us hope this does not become a reality.

Maybe if the Red Tide came at the same time as the jellyfish, we could have a massive jellyfish kill. What are the chances?

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