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Pensacola Real Estate News – Don’t Tread On Me

While I tend to focus mostly on Pensacola Real Estate in my blog, there is a lot to see and experience in Pensacola Florida. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to get out there and enjoy Pensacola as much as I’d like to. So I am delighted to have a guest blogger write articles from time to time to share with my readers. Bill Stockland is a dear friend and a great writer/photographer, so I’m honored to have him share his experiences and photos from the Pensacola area.


By Bill Stockland

If you’ve lived in the South for long, you’ve probably seen one. Black and whiteand very fast, they’re a blur across the ground.

It’s the Southern Black Racer. This snake is common in places like Escambia County and it is totally nonvenomous. The black racer is a daytime hunter and is thus more likely to be seen than other species. They can be found in wooded areas and on suburban lawns.

So if you are in the real estate market, and searching for homes in newer subdivisions, or in subdivisions near wooded areas, it is likely you will encounter a black racer. They can also be spotted occasionally on Pensacola Beach, especially in the Fort Pickens area, and on Perdido Key.

Black Racer snake

This black racer was photographed near the Scenic Hills golf course in North Northwest Pensacola.

Rodents, amphibians and insects make up the brunt of their prey. They, in turn, are hunted by hawks. Their great speed (they’re very difficult to catch, don’t even bother) is nullified by the swiftness and surprise of swooping birds of prey. Automobiles and frightened homeowners also take a toll on Black Racer numbers.

Don’t be alarmed if you see one. They’ll try to escape when startled although when cornered, they’ve been known to fight. It’s a sign of ecological health to see them in a yard. They are an important part of our natural balance.

Don’t confuse them with the venomous Cottonmouth (or Water Moccasin). That creature is believed to be much more rare. It has a much thicker body, flattened head and it has white coloring inside the mouth rather than on the chin and neck.

The Southern Black Racer is an important part of our natural environment and they can provide a quick lesson about nature for the kids.


  1. Dan

    Hey, just wanted to add that Black Racers will also kill and eat venomous snakes due to the fact that they are territorial. Bottom line, they will get rid of any rodents and undesirable snakes, and the only thing they ask is to be ignored the very few times you happen to actually see them. Just wanted to mention that before someone decided to kill one just because it’s a snake.