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Pensacola Ends The Year With Gorgeous Weather


You couldn’t ask for better weather to end the year. I spent some of my day of New Years Eve at Pensacola Beach. I took a few pictures which show just how beautiful the weather was. People were on the beach catching some sun, but only surfers were in the water, in full wet suits and boots. Air temps were in the upper 60’s, but water temps were in the lower 60’s.


While you don’t see too many people in these shots, there were people all up and down Pensacola Beach enjoying the beautiful weather. These pictures were taken at the beach in front of the Portofino Condos.


These guys below were glad to get out of the cold water and onto the nice warm beach.


I would love a few more days like New Years Eve, but instead we are looking at lows in the 20’s for the coming week. Brrrrrr!!!! Not very Florida-like. Hopefully the Pensacola Real Estate Market will warm up more than the weather.

But it appears what’s really hot on Pensacola Beach are the Portofino Condos. Since October 1, 2009 (the past 3 months), 27 units have sold, with an average price of $395,000. The average price per square foot was $254.

Compare these numbers to the end of 2008 when only 9 Portofino units sold in the same time frame, with an average price of $521,000  and an average price per square foot of $353. This is a huge change within a year’s time frame. More on Portofino later.

There are currently 176 active listings for condos on Pensacola Beach. That’s a lot less than the 279 active listings 2 years ago. Things are starting to normalize a little.

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