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Pensacola Is Cold

I was hardly prepared for this weather. On New Year’s Eve I was enjoying beautiful warm weather and sunshine out on Pensacola Beach. To me, it signaled a great start to a new year, weatherwise at least.

But then Pensacola (and much of the country) got hit with intensely cold temperatures. Now I’m not suggesting that these temperatures are unusual for Pensacola this time of year, but it is unusual for it to be this cold for this long.

Weather Underground (my favorite weather site) is showing water temperatures in the mid 40’s. I’m assuming these temperatures are being taken in the bay somewhere, since I know the Gulf is not that cold. Check out this site if you haven’t been there before. You can get radar, forecasts, individual weather station data for stations throughout the area, marine forecasts, tides, astronomy, area photographs and so much more. This site is to weather info what the MLS is to real estate.

The freezing temperatures have made for some beautiful sights. Here are a couple of pictures I took of the fountain at Asbury Place Assisted Living Facility in West Pensacola. The Pensacola News Journal is actually going to publish a picture of this fountain on Thursday, but remember, you saw it here first! (Like I’m sure you care).


The picture above was taken a dusk on Tuesday. And then when Wednesday morning came, look at the difference (below). 


While the temps are subfreezing, the Pensacola Real Estate Market seems to be heating up. I’m seeing a large increase in properties being listed in the Pensacola MLS, as many sellers tend to start listing after the holiday season. And home prices are better than they have been in many years.

Look for more detailed market reports in future posts here on Pensacola Real Estate News. For now, I’m going to kick back and stay warm.

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