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Pensacola Real Estate News Report On Toxic Chinese Drywall

News about potentially toxic Chinese drywall started being reported in early 2009. What effect the defective drywall will have on the Pensacola real estate market is still unknown, as we don’t know how many Pensacola homes for sale may be affected by Chinese drywall.  It was initially reported that the problem was isolated to a few homes in Miami, Florida. However, as the story developed, it appeared to be a much larger problem that could affect homeowners all across Florida and the Gulf Coast.

According to America’s Watchdog Homeowner Consumer Center, “the potentially toxic Chinese dry wall was used all over the entire state of Florida, in Georgia, in the Carolinas and in all Gulf Coast states. We are particularly worried about New Orleans, because we lost so many houses there during and after Katrina. At the time I lived in New Orleans and I know how hard it was to get sheet rock, so we are 100% certain it’s in New Orleans on a large scale.”

Note to all consumers throughout the nation: “The Homeowners Consumer Center is convinced the potentially toxic Chinese dry wall is not limited to the US Southeast, or the Gulf states. If you have a home that was built or remodeled in 2005 to 2008 that has a strong sulphur smell, or a rotten egg type smell please contact the Homeowners Consumer Center at 866-714-6466.”

What are the signs your house might have the potentially toxic imported Chinese dry wall?

First the house was built or remodeled between 2005 and 2008
The house has a strong or noticeable smell of sulphur or rotten eggs.
The home has experienced repeated air conditioning coil issues or corrosion
The home’s occupants have experienced upper respiratory issues, nose bleeds, or other medical issues.
Young children or senior citizens may be the first to show signs of exposure to a home with the imported Chinese dry wall.

Lawsuits are currently in process in South Florida over the drywall issue. I will report on developments in these lawsuits here on Pensacola Real Estate News.

The good news is that we have home inspectors in the Pensacola area that have been trained on how to look for evidence of Chinese drywall. A home inspector I spoke to told me that there are many signs that will give away the presence of the drywall. He had been to Chinese drywall detection seminars and felt confident he could determine if a home had the bad drywall installed.

For more information on Chinese drywall and updated news reports, visit

Even if there is no concern about Chinese drywall, every buyer should have a home inspection, no exceptions. You never know what the inspector might find. ( See Redneck Ingenuity Makes Home Inspections a Must )

  1. Karen Scott

    Karl: Howard Ehrsam is featured in the ABC Night Line report. He has a Chinese Drywall Screening business. We have posted an up to date Facts and Fears presentation on our Asset Advisors and Managers web site under Chinese drywall resources. This has the latest information including financial, legal and political. Also, you and your readers should be aware that we have found it in houses as early as 2001 and cases are now being reported from the Panhandle. His inspectors recently did a house and an office building in your area. We have an inspector trained in screening if you need one. The web site is