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Unusual Real Estate Foreclosures In The News

Real estate foreclosure is a grim reality of this current real estate market. In the Pensacola Real Estate market, on February 25, 2010, there were 213 foreclosure properties and 564 short sales listed as Pensacola Homes For Sale. The total number of homes and condos listed in the Pensacola real estate market was just over 4400.  This means approximately 17% of the Pensacola homes for sale are either foreclosures or short sales.

Foreclosure properties are already owned by the bank. Short sales are still owned by the homeowner, but are destined for foreclosure if they cannot be sold at a price lower than the amount owed to the bank. See the article Short Sales – Is It Really Worth It?

A couple of interesting real estate foreclosure stories have surfaced this week that I thought were worth noting. Fortunately, no one got so frustrated that they flew a plane into a bank building, as in the case of the Joe Stack who piloted his plane into the Austin Texas IRS building.

However, a man in Ohio bulldozed his home in retaliation of a bank’s plans to foreclose on his home.  Apparently, Terry Hoskins only owed $160,000 on the home, which was valued close to $350,000. He was already in hot water with the IRS in relation to his businesses. Then the bank refused to stop foreclosure proceedings even though he indicated that he had a buyer who would pay off the balance of the mortgage. As the story goes, the bank wanted to foreclose so they could resell the home for more than the balance owed and actually profit from the deal. There is always more to  a story than you read in the news, so I’m not sure of all the details.  Either way, the home is now a mound covered by snow. bulldozed_foreclosure

Terry has now become somewhat of a hero to those who resent how banks have been so generously treated by the government with bailout money while still giving out large bonuses to employees.  Ronnie Ray Jenkins even wrote a song called the Ballad of Terry Hoskins. Check out the video below. Here are some teaser lyrics:

There were no bailouts for Terry
There were no bonuses to spend
So he grabbed the keys to his dozer
It was the beginning of the end

Thanks for the great song Ronnie!


In an unrelated story, Bank Of America foreclosed on a home that was owned by a couple who had paid cash for it. Yes, they owned the home outright.

The couple filed a lawsuit on January 20 that alleges Bank of America seized the house, removed the belongings, and changed the locks on the their home.  The bank had an incorrect address on foreclosure documents. The house it meant to seize was across the street and about 10 doors down. But the couple and a Realtor employed by Bank of America were unable to convince the bank that it had the wrong house. The couple are seeking unspecified damages from Bank of America, including negligence, trespassing, emotional distress, defamation, libel, and a tarnished reputation.

When the media made an inquiry to the bank regarding this situation, here is the email response they received.  “We have reached out to the Cardosos’ representatives and hope to have the opportunity to work with them to properly assess and address their allegations”. “We are reviewing the allegations in the lawsuit, the actual events that led to them and the causes of those events, and will consider any hardship that resulted.”

Talk about legal speak. After the travesty perpetrated by the bank, you would think they could show a little more compassion and understanding when dealing with these sensitive situations. With the money they have, I would think they could hire some PR people that could do a much better job of publicly addressing this embarrasing mistake.

These are pretty extreme stories, but foreclosures are so common today that these types of situations do not come as a big surprise to me. Look for me to publish an article shortly detailing some important things you need to know about foreclosure.

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