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Pensacola Real Estate Navigators Do It Themselves

A couple of years ago, I asked the question Is Pensacola Real Estate Really Sexy?   in reference to local agent Woody Wolden being voted one of the sexiest men in Pensacola. Well now our local “sexy man” Woody Wolden is trying to make Pensacola real estate not only sexy, but funny. Teaming up with his buddy and fellow Real Estate Navigator Matt Robinson, they created this very funny “Today’s Handyman” video for you homeowners who want to try a little “do it yourself” work around the house.

The video was actually a promo for a Real Estate Navigators meeting. That meeting has come and gone, and I unfortunately was not able to attend. But at least we have this video of Cliff Sandstone and Bubba Sparks doing some home repairs that is worth a few great laughs. (Hey, did you know that when you are laughing, you are totally living in the moment. There are no problems or issues or stress. You are just happy in that moment. Think about it after you have laughed. It is a truly healing experience. Sort of like listening to your favorite song. We should all laugh a lot more. )

Bubba “Sparky” Sparks is played by our own sexy Woody Wolden. So what do you think ladies? Is he still that super sexy real estate man 2 years later?


Thanks for the laughs Woody and Matt.

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