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Invaluable New Consumer Real Estate WebSite

The National Association of Realtors® (NAR) launched HouseLogic, a new consumer real estate website designed to help consumers with all aspects of homeownership. According to NAR, “HouseLogic was created to help homeowners make smart decisions and take responsible actions to maintain, protect and increase the value of their homes.”

Houselogic is a free website. It is designed to help consumers make smart, informed home improvement investment decisions.  It provides timely articles and news that helps homeowners plan and organize their home projects. It also provides  home improvement advice and how-to’s along with information about taxes, home finances and insurance.

Here’s a sampling of articles I saw on my first visit to this real estate site:

7 Tips for Saving Energy in the Laundry Room
7 Tips for Saving Energy with Home Lighting
Start a Neighborhood Watch
Stop Drivers From Speeding in Your Neighborhood
7 Smart Strategies for Kitchen Remodeling
Smart Options: Kitchen Flooring
Green Kitchen Remodeling
Deduct Private Mortgage Insurance
Bathroom Addition: Return on Investment
Inspecting and Maintaining Your Roof

And these were just from a quick browse of the home page. You can see that there are a variety of real estate and home ownership topics covered. Each article has links to related articles. There is a wealth of information on this site and I highly recommend consumers take a look at it and learn more about what they can do to protect and enhance the value of their real estate.

Click Houselogic to visit the site.

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