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Pensacola Real Estate Market Report for March 2010

This is a Pensacola Real Estate Market report for March 2010.  The tables provide Pensacola real estate data for the previous 2 months for comparison purposes.


Active Listings:  Pensacola Homes for Sale are now at their lowest number since 2005. This is a good sign, in that it shows the market is getting closer to a normal real estate market. Pensacola has approximately 500 fewer homes on the market than in March of 2009.

Pensacola Real Estate Sales: Sales in March were quite good compared to previous months in 2010. Pensacola has almost doubled the number of homes sold compared to January. And over 100 more Pensacola homes sold in March than February. This increase in homes sold is typical for Spring time, but the home buyer tax credit has likely pushed the number a bit higher than it would have been without the tax credit.

Pensacola Real Estate Prices: We can see a slight drop in real estate prices from the month of March in previous years. Average sold price and median sold price are at their lowest level in 5 years. These prices are also likely to spur sales even more, and I expect April of 2010 will be a great month for Pensacola homes sold.

Average Days on Market: This number is still too high. I would like to see this number get closer to the days on market in the 2005-2006 years. I’m sure most Pensacola sellers would agree with me on this.

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