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Pensacola Real Estate News Flash!!! Incredible interest rate/low payment

My most recent home buyer, a young Navy woman, just locked her V.A. loan interest rate on a D.R Horton home at 3.875%.

That is the lowest interest rate on a thirty year fixed rate loan sale that I have ever been involved in.

At this interest rate, her  payment is roughly  $880.00 on a $141,000, brand new home that is less than 20 minutes from  Pensacola Corry Sation and 25 minutes from Pensacola NAS . Yes, you can get incredible deals at super interest rates on Pensacola real estate that is close to the naval bases.

The type of home  she is purchasing is pictured below.


This Pensacola home is being purchased with only  a $1000.00 down payment and the builder picked up virtually all closing costs!

For information on other great values in neighborhoods near the Pensacola Naval bases, check out the Neighborhoods in Southwest Pensacola page.

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