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Pensacola Real Estate Market MLS Update


Pensacola Beach Pier

Pensacola Beach Pier

Here is a picture I took from the Pensacola Beach Pier last evening 01/10/2010.If you look close you will see a bunch of surfers waiting for the next wave

 Pensacola Beach Pier Sunset with Surfers 01/10/2011

 I just wanted to make a quick comment concerning  a current statistic from the Pensacola MLS.

Today as of January  11th 2012 the number of available residential listings in the Pensacola Real Estate Market stands at 3718.

Here is a statement concerning  Pensacola MLS  inventory  from the Pensacola Board of Realtors :


“Overall inventory fell 21%  from 4533 in January to 3603 in December


Distressed inventory was reduced by 25% , from 886 in January to 662 in December


Overall sales increased 15%, from 3988 in 2010 to 4604 in 2011


On average, distressed property sales accounted for nearly one third of all sales on a month to month basis”

Also you can click here for more Pensacola Real Estate statistics

Here are some statistics in the Pensacola Real Estate Market for December 2011-2006  you can see the big drop from last year 

Current Active Listings at Month End 3603 4469 4566 5364 6096 5828
Sales This Month 387 381 292 282 311 460
Median Sold Price $133,000 $139,900 $141,395 $149,900 $162,000 $164,900
Avg. Sold Price $161,368 $162,439 $170,082 $170,306 $229,441 $203,410
Avg. Days on Mkt 162 158 136 141 127 128

  Also you can see  the median price of a home in the Pensacola Real Estate market has,  continued to drop while the interest rates have stayed at historic lows ,near 4%, making home ownership in the Pensacola Real Estate market very affordable at this time  


 These numbers seem to me to be good news,as the number of availble homes is steadily decreasing, while sales are increasing.The average number of sales vs listings is hovering around a 10 months supply of inventory, which reminds me of the Pensacola Real Estate market around 2002 – 2003 at a time of modest but steady appreciation.     

It seems that, at least locally, we are finally getting to an equilbrium in the market and hopefully the stability we have been waiting for!

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