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Double-Duty Room Design and Furnishings Are All the Rage

Today, more than ever, double-duty or multi-tasking is pretty much the norm!  Busy individuals are demanding more from each room in their house. Real Estate spaces that serve multiple uses are popping up all over in floor plans, magazine spreads, such as in Better Homes and Gardens and home decor programming.

washer and dryer in bedroom closet

Strategically planning out what works best for each individual varies, but rest assured, that if there is a need to do laundry in a bedroom or send an email from a laundry room, a good home builder can design these rooms to facilitate those needs. It isn’t unheard of to see a seating area, desks and charging stations in a laundry room. Or for that matter, to see a washer and dryer housed in a bedroom closet. People store their clothes there, so why not wash and dry them there as well.

Furniture manufacturers are trying to help make every square inch count, too. Modern pieces include coffee tables with adjustable heights to accommodate working at a computer or eating, end tables that double as file cabinets and chests with docking stations for electronics.

Because of the portability of lap top computers and other mobile devices, a home office no longer requires a dedicated space. Working from home can take place in any room.

Furnishings are being designed to keep clutter to a minimum and to help people stay connected and  organized. A console table with hinges works well, for instance in a recreational area of the home, for television viewing or crafts. It can easily become a dining spot for 6 people by extending the leaves. Varied sizes of Stacking or nesting tables increase room functionality, too, and  those on wheels can easily be moved from place to place.

Hideaway furniture is another way to design a room for multiple functions. murphy bedMurphy beds, that are stored vertically in a cabinet along a wall, such as those that may be found at Alpha Murphy Beds, which services Northwest Florida  or Murphy desks which slide out from bookshelves are just a few examples of how one can use specialty furniture to mask a room’s dual function.

From young urban professionals to retirees, everyone can appreciate a double-duty world, where we all want to  maximize our living space.

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