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Top Trending Halloween Costumes Courtesy of Pensacola Real Estate Professionals

This Halloween, as you map out your routes through Nature Trail, Creekwood, Milestone, Cottonwood, Hammersmith, Woodbine Springs Plantation, Whispering Woods, Sand Piper Village, Grand Point East and River Gardens (to name a few) take note, that the following are the HOTTEST costume choices for 2013!

At Pensacola Real Estate Professionals, we want you to always look your best, whether it is your personal Real Estate or your pick of a Halloween Costume sure to incite rave reviews!

According to Google searches, “The Great Gatsby” appears to be having a huge influence on people’s 2013 Halloween Costume choices. Break out your grandmother’s flapper-style dress and you will be sitting pretty as a dapper Flapper.flapper costume 2

batman costumeBatman costumes are also all the rage with another film set for release.

Love those cute little Minions from “Despicable Me”. You will fit right in with what is trending.minion costume

Breaking Bad is another popular costume choice, especially for adults who are fans of the series.breaking bad costume

Children love everything Minecraft, including Halloween costumes.minecraft costume

Realty TV has given rise to the popularity of “Duck Dynasty”, and people are searching Google to see how to look like their favorite cast dynasty costume

Another steaming hot costume selection this year is that darn Miley Cyrus, aka the twerking queen.miley costume

game of thrones costumeDaenerys from “Game of Thrones” is easy to replicate with an icy wig and appears to be ranking high on the list of sought after costumes.

People are also electing to be the Fox from “What Does The Fox Say?”fox costume

The high-tech robotic-look of Daft Punk is another top choice for Halloween 2013.

daft punk costumeHaving listed the above Top-10 Halloween Costume Choices, I have to admit, I still like seeing the good, old costumes from my youth. Give me a witch, a vampire, a pretty fairy princess, a scary dinosaur or a ghost; and I am ready to throw upon the door and hand out Halloween candy, while feeling a sense of happy nostalgia.

Remember to visit friends and neighbors you know first, and then, only houses with lights on indicating trick or treaters are welcome. Be safe! It is always smart to travel in large groups if possible. Retailers have gotten into the act, too. Cordova Mall, Publix and other area shops take part in handing out Halloween Treats. If you have wee ones, these indoor venues may be the perfect spot to collect goodies with your little beggar. Having your own Halloween Bash is another way to celebrate and provide candy treats to your family and friends without having to go house to house!

Thinking ahead to 2014, you may want to have your digital camera on-hand to snap shots of those stand-out costumes, so that you can replicate them next Halloween.

Happy Halloween and may the full moon rise up to greet you!

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