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Pensacola Real Estate Professionals’ Suggests Wines to Bring to Holiday Festivities

Pensacola Real Estate Professionals knows that the holidays are all about family and friends, celebrating, giving and of course – parties! Nobody wants to show up empty handed, and a bottle of wine is a classic hostess gift solution.

Worried that bringing the wine will feel like a boring choice? Not this year! We have lots of creative ideas for wine gifts that wow!


All Purpose Pours

Let’s start with the basics: What  types of wine to bring? If you’re not sure of your hosts’ tastes stick with a universally pleasing and easy to pair bottle like Pinot Noir. It’s perhaps the most versatile of reds, with a succulent berry flavor that’s not heavy or overbearing; making it extremely food flexible.

Prefer to bring a white? Sauvignon Blanc or Sancerre is the way to go; it avoids intrusive oaky flavors and is typically clean, citrusy, and crisp.

And if you’re headed over for cocktails or brunch, you can’t beat a bottle of bubbly! Champagne is great, but why not bring something unique, such as Spanish Cava or Italian Prosecco? (Bonus: They’re often less expensive, too!)

Dress it Up

Now that you’ve picked the perfect bottle, skip the foil wrapper from the liquor store and dress your wine to impress. A pretty cloth bag makes your bottle that much more special. Or take it up a notch and tuck your bottle in a handy wine tote or carrier – your host can use it long after the party’s over.

wine in cloth bags

If you want to keep it simple, you can always go for a big, beautiful bow or a whimsical bottle topper.

Easy Add-Ons

To really make your gift special, take it a step further and pair your bottle with an extra little something tucked in a holiday gift box or basket. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Go Useful and add a handy little wine gadget to your bottle. A wine stopper offers a classy alternative to re-using the cork in unfinished bottles from the party. If your host entertains frequently, some cute wine charms are always appreciated to keep everyone’s glasses straight. Bringing bubbly or another white wine? Tuck it into a champagne bucket or chiller for an easy and practical fancy toppers

Go Foodie and give the gift of perfectly paired wines and nibbles. Try one of these themes:

Take them on a trip: Pair some Italian dried sausage and / or hard cheeses with a strong Italian red like Barbera, or pay a visit to Spain with some Fino Sherry or Rioja and gourmet olives or marcona almonds. French cheeses with crackers and a great Bourdeaux are always sure to please.french cheese 3

Morning after mimosas:  Pair a bottle of bubbly with some fruit nectar or juice (we happen to love peach) and delicious baked goods for a next-day treat or breakfast.

Go for a little something sweet: Try Sauternes or another dessert wine with biscotti, rugelach cookies, or a tin of gourmet dried fruits. Another classic pairing? Port and dark and dessert

Go Wine Tasting and give several bottles of wine from a specific country, wine-producing region, or  wine maker. Your host can enjoy their own private tasting after the holidays are over.

Great Gadgets to Give

If your host is a known wine lover you can skip the bottle and bring them a great wine gadget instead. These picks are sure to enhance their wine drinking experience at the party and after:

Aerators are a handy way to expose wine to air so its full flavors can develop.

Wine Preservers and savors will remove air to keep their unfinished bottles fresh to enjoy another day.

wine decanterA decanter is a beautiful and functional option – it’s the classic way to aerate and serve fine wines, especially complex reds.

With just a little creativity, it’s easy to be a more gracious guest and bring your host a better bottle! And with Christmas and New Year’s festivities right around the corner, now is the time to prepare. With this information in hand, that should be a breeze! Happy Holidays!

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