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5 Hardy Plants to Make Your Space Green Courtesy of Pensacola Real Estate Professionals

With the emphasis on going green these days, Pensacola Real Estate Professionals wanted to point out that live green plants in your home are a great way to start! The 5 following plants are hardy and require minimal attention for those that have not been necessarily gifted with a green thumb!

jade1. Jade: The jade plant is sometimes referred to as the “Friendship Tree,” “Lucky Plant” or “Money Tree”. Sounds like it might be a great plant to have around, right? Jade has small pink and white flowers. And since it is in the succulent family, it needs very little water.

Care: Plan on watering it once a week in the summer, and once every two weeks in the winter. If exposed to a lot of sunlight (generally, jade needs to be in a bright room), the tips of the jade plant can turn red, which causes a colorful effect.

2. Aloe: It’s easy to see the many uses of aloe when you walk the aisles of a drugstore. There are aloe gels for various ailments, but it is just as effective to take the aloe gel straight from the plant. If you get a minor burn, break off a leaf from the base and rub the gel on your skin. Be sure to consult a medical professional before trying this. Saving the leaf and extra gel is simple – simply place the leaf in a plastic bag and store in the refrigerator for up to five days.aloe

Care: Aloe is another plant in the succulent family, so all it really needs is a room with bright sunlight and some water every two weeks or so.

3. ZZ Plant: The ZZ plant is tropical, perennial and originally comes from the eastern part of Asia. The leaves of the ZZ plant resemble the Zamia plant and are sturdy and glossy.

zz plantCare: Perhaps the easiest plant on this entire list to care for is the ZZ plant. This low-light tropical plant is happy in virtually any condition. Although it prefers at least some light, you can keep it in a fairly dark room. The ZZ plant does not like to be watered very often, and you should make sure the soil is dry before watering.

4. Philodendron: Meaning “tree lover,” philodendron plants are vines that often climb trees in their native, tropical habitat. There are many lovely varieties so you can easily choose a type that suits your style.philodendron

Care: They don’t require much water and actually prefer to get dry between watering(s).

Tip: Since these vines spread so well, it’s easy to train them up a pole or trellis in your home.

5. Snake Plant: Commonly known as “Mother-in-Law Tongue,” the snake plant may be the most popular plant on this list. Its long, dense leaves add height to any space, and it comes in a variety of beautiful shades of green.

snake plantCare: Put the snake plant in a well-lit area and water when the soil is dry to the touch. Water along the edges of the pot and avoid watering directly in the middle of the plant.

A nice selection of all of these plants can be found at local businesses such as: Lowes Home Improvement Store, Home Depot and B & C Nursery.

Not only are houseplants pretty to look at, but as studies have shown they can help reduce allergies, purify the air in your home and give any space a calming effect. With these five easy-to-maintain houseplants, you can get all of these benefits with minimal work and care. You may find your thumb is greener than you thought.

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