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Indoor Cat(s) Litter Box Placement Advice Courtesy of Pensacola Real Estate Professionals

I recently came across an interesting blog discussing where is the best place to put a cat(s) litter box. A realtor was trying to sell a home, where the owner’s kept the litter box in the master bedroom closet!!!

You can pretty much imagine, that most people’s comments agreed that this was a bad idea. Cat box odors will permeate clothes, towels or any other fabrics, so placing it in ANY closet  is a big NO! NO!

Most individuals who live up north have the luxury of having a basement, which is an optimum place to keep a litter box, food and water for those furry friends we keep as pets.

Those of us in the south, specifically Florida, don’t have basements. Therefore, this is not a viable option.

cat litter box in laundry roomA large laundry room is a suitable location to keep a litter box in the sunshine state, while keeping food and water for your cat(s) in the breakfast eating

Keeping the litter box, food and water in the garage is another good option. A cat door placed in an interior garage door will allow the cat(s) to go to and from the garage to eat, drink and relieve themselves.

Owner’s who elect to have the cat(s) use the garage have to be aware of their pets whereabouts when entering or exiting this area. (Some people elect to put a cat door in a door leading to a screened-in lanai. The problem with this, is that because it isn’t fully enclosed, food and water may attract pests, which may then find their way into your home.)

cat door

The most important thing is to keep the box clean, no matter where it is located, and remember to freshen your pet’s food and water daily. (Important Tip: take up any left over food after your pet(s) have finished eating, if they dine in the garage. You don’t want to attract or feed any other critters, such as ants or roaches!)

litter box cabinet and food and water cabinet comboDon’t forget there are quite a few hideaway pieces of furniture that can be found that disguise the litter box or the cat(s) food and water bowls. Check out or to see some cat cabinets that will hide the unmentionables.

And if you are showing your home to perspective buyers, clean the box and the area where the food and water are kept (and hide them away, once clean, in the above mentioned disguise-type pieces of furniture) and take your pet(s) — in a carrier — out with you when you leave. This way perspective buyers are free to look about without worrying about accidentally letting the cat(s) out.

If I can help you get your house ready for sale, contact me Lisa Burns, Broker Pensacola Real Estate Professionals here, or directly at 850-393-7106. And let me know where you think the best place is to keep a litter box.

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