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Deter Intruders with Defensive Shrubs Courtesy of Pensacola Real Estate Professionals

Pensacola Real Estate Professionals’ think an alarm system is a great way to deter a bad guy from coming into your house. However, it may not stop him from making contact with a portal to your home. You may want to consider planting thorn-bearing trees, shrubs and vines to act as a buffer to safeguard your home. The reason these plants have thorns is to protect them from predators, but they may protect you from them as well.

Intruders can be warded off by planting these types of vegetation in vulnerable areas. Certain plant varieties grow very fast and prolifically. It is just a matter of finding out which type grows best where you live. Check out

Thorn-bearing Trees:

No one wants to climb a tree, whose trunk has thorns jutting out from it.

Acacia farnesiana (Sweet Acacia): the flowers of this tree smell like grape candy, which is probably where it gets its name. The leaves have a delicate fern-like appearance, but the entire plant is covered by sharp thorns.

sweet acacia

Silk Floss Tree: Considered one of the world’s most beautiful trees, it is well known for the large spikes protecting the trunk and limbs. ┬áNo criminal will want to tackle these thorns to get to your second story window.

silk floss tree

Various Palm Trees: Palm trees can be laced with thorns that not only prick, but cause additional pain.

palm trees

Thorn-bearing Vines: Here is security and beauty all wrapped in one. Check out the following varieties:


Climbing Roses, Catsclaw Creeper, Bougainvillea, Blackberry vines.

Thorn-bearing Bushes:

Cactus: If your climate permits, these spiked plants will scare off intruders. The chollas have two inch thorns.

Pyracantha (fire thorn bush): The thorns will produce a burning stinging that will last for hours.

Rogosa Roses: These pretty flowers have plenty of thorns.

Pineland Acacia: The thorns are hidden by flowers and leaves; a nice surprise for burglars.

Pineland Acacia (Acacia pinetorum)

Washington Hawthorne Tree: It can be pruned into a bush and grow right under a window, displaying aesthetic red berries.

Oregon Grape Holly: This attractive shrub has two inch thorns.

Beef up your home’s electronic security network by planting a network of beautiful, but imposing greenery.

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