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Restaurant Chains Looking To Expand Into The Mobile Alabama Area

Mobile Alabama is getting a lot of attention these days.

I have been trying to keep up with the ever-changing saga of the U.S. Air Force tanker contract war between Boeing and Northrop Grumman. If you haven’t heard, Boeing protested the awarding of the contract to Northrop Grumman
See Pensacola Real Estate News article Boeing Wins Air Force Tanker Award Protest


Next, the Pentagon decided the Air Force could not competently handle the bidding and award process and took it upon themselves to handle the rebid process. The Pentagon recently issued a revised set of criteria for the award. These criteria appear to favor the Northrop Grumman plane (Good for Mobile), and thus Boeing is crying foul on these criteria and trying to push the bidding process into the next presidential administration.

The Pentagon, however, has insisted that the contract will be awarded by the end of the year.

Note that the real losers in this game are our men and women in uniform who desperately need these new airplanes. This seems to be lost on the companies, and on Congress.

Either way, this contract dispute has attracted a lot of attention for Mobile Alabama. Real estate is in high demand. 

See Pensacola Real Estate News article Mobile Alabama Needs Real Estate 

Now, according to the Alabama Press Register, many restaurant chains are looking into expanding their businesses into Mobile.

Some of the names mentioned were Dunkin, Einstein Bros Bagels, Quiznos, Baskin-Robbins, Jimmy John’s sandwiches, Roly Poly, Zoe’s Kitchen and Cheeburger Cheeburger.  In the Alabama Press article they state “Many fast-casual restaurateurs feel Mobile is the perfect fit, thanks in large part to the economic growth expected in the near future.”

James Franks, national director of franchising for Baskin-Robbins, has said the company likes the demographics in Mobile and Baldwin counties, calling the area home to plenty of working professionals and families. “It’s very simple — the people are there, and we don’t just appeal to one demographic. In a tight economy, consumers like a quality product that doesn’t break the bank.”

“Even if (the tanker assembly plant) doesn’t come to Mobile, the area is still continuing to grow and becoming a major force within our region,” said George Waldron, who has directed the opening of 32 Quiznos in the four-state Gulf Coast area in the past 11-plus years.

While Pensacola is not the target for any major industries or contracts, we can at least hope for some spillover from Mobile’s economic growth into our area.  It is too bad that our local leaders cannot seem to get along well enough to do anything productive for our area.

See Pensacola Real Estate News  article about Mobile’s super economic growth:  The Real News Is Next Door In Mobile .  

 Click on Pensacola Real Estate News for a list of articles indexed by category.  


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Harbour Pointe Condo Auction Results From Pensacola Real Estate News

On Saturday August 16th, a Pensacola Condo auction was held for Harbour Pointe Condos. The results of the auction are shown in the table below. I apologize for the size of the text in the table. It can be hard to fit that much data in my limited blog space.

I believe it is fair to say that the winning condo bidders ended up with some very good deals. Just look at the sold prices compared to the original asking prices.

Here were the terms of the auction:

Terms: Penthouse Units 2, 3, 4 & 5 — 10% down with $25,000 per condo being in personal check, business check or certified funds; Floor Plan A (3 Bedrooms & 3 Baths) Units 101, 201, 210 & 510 — 10% down with $15,000 per condo being in personal check, business check or certified funds; Floor Plan B (2 Bedrooms & 2 Baths) Units 102, 107, 109, 202, 206, 207, 209, 302, 304, 306 (Model) 307, 309, 409, 506, 507 & 509 — 10% down with $10,000 per condo being in personal check, business check or certified funds; Floor Plan C (2 Bedrooms & 2 Baths) Units 108 & 208 — 10% down with $5,000 being in personal check, business check or certified funds. Closing in 30 days.


Here is the description provided by the auction company:

Property Description


Views are nothing less than breathtaking at Harbour Pointe, a new luxury condominium community gracing the sugary shores of Big Lagoon Bay, a tiny coastal paradise near Pensacola, Florida. Positioned to capitalize on the natural beauty of pristine surroundings, the two, three and four-bedroom residences are draped in vistas of the bay, the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf Island National Seashore.

Harbour Pointe amenities bring the sparkling waters of the gulf and lagoon directly to the door of this island paradise, which features deeded boat slips and a boardwalk to the beach. Other fine appointments include temperature-controlled garages, storage units, swimming pool, hot tub, cabana, state-of-the-art fitness center, lobby and extensive tropical landscaping. Each condominium displays attention to details with crown molding, tiled floors and upscale appliances.

Close proximity to Big Lagoon State Park makes Harbour Pointe a recreational haven with vast opportunities for fishing, boating, canoeing, crabbing, hiking and simply viewing the abundance of wildlife which flock to this area. Just down the road from Orange Beach, Alabama, Harbour Pointe is convenient to championship golf courses, greyhound racing, a number of old forts and a wide selection of fine restaurants and unique shops.

Property Highlights


  • 2, 3 & 4-Bedroom Condos Fronting on Big Lagoon Tiled Entry
  • Living Room with Glass Doors Opening to Balcony Overlooking Big Lagoon, Gulf Island National Seashore & Gulf of Mexico
  • Upscale Kitchens with Solid Surface Countertops, Washer/Dryer Connections, Refrigerator/Freezer/Icemaker, Built-in Microwave & Kitchen Disposal
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Tiled Floors
  • Community Amenities, Including Large Outdoor Swimming Pool, Cabana, Hot Tub, Fitness Center, Lobby, Computer Room, Sandy Beaches, Extensive Tropical Landscaping, Boat Slips & Temperature-Controlled Garages & Storage Units

This information is provided to show readers the deals that can be found in the Pensacola real estate market. Congrats to the winning bidders at the Harbour Pointe auction. Enjoy the beautiful views.

I’d like to thank Susan Carleton, broker of Pointe South Realty for sending me the table of values.

How do these condo prices compare with other condos sold recently in Pensacola? Look for that post to come soon.



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Pensacola Real Estate News – Don’t Tread On Me

While I tend to focus mostly on Pensacola Real Estate in my blog, there is a lot to see and experience in Pensacola Florida. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to get out there and enjoy Pensacola as much as I’d like to. So I am delighted to have a guest blogger write articles from time to time to share with my readers. Bill Stockland is a dear friend and a great writer/photographer, so I’m honored to have him share his experiences and photos from the Pensacola area.


By Bill Stockland

If you’ve lived in the South for long, you’ve probably seen one. Black and whiteand very fast, they’re a blur across the ground.

It’s the Southern Black Racer. This snake is common in places like Escambia County and it is totally nonvenomous. The black racer is a daytime hunter and is thus more likely to be seen than other species. They can be found in wooded areas and on suburban lawns.

So if you are in the real estate market, and searching for homes in newer subdivisions, or in subdivisions near wooded areas, it is likely you will encounter a black racer. They can also be spotted occasionally on Pensacola Beach, especially in the Fort Pickens area, and on Perdido Key.

Black Racer snake

This black racer was photographed near the Scenic Hills golf course in North Northwest Pensacola.

Rodents, amphibians and insects make up the brunt of their prey. They, in turn, are hunted by hawks. Their great speed (they’re very difficult to catch, don’t even bother) is nullified by the swiftness and surprise of swooping birds of prey. Automobiles and frightened homeowners also take a toll on Black Racer numbers.

Don’t be alarmed if you see one. They’ll try to escape when startled although when cornered, they’ve been known to fight. It’s a sign of ecological health to see them in a yard. They are an important part of our natural balance.

Don’t confuse them with the venomous Cottonmouth (or Water Moccasin). That creature is believed to be much more rare. It has a much thicker body, flattened head and it has white coloring inside the mouth rather than on the chin and neck.

The Southern Black Racer is an important part of our natural environment and they can provide a quick lesson about nature for the kids.


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The Easy Way To See The Pensacola Blue Angels

Pensacola Florida is the home of the Blue Angels.  Read on to find out the easiest way to see a Blue Angel’s performance!

These amazing aeronautical acrobats have performed countless times in Pensacola Florida, and all over the country. Crowds of thousands are always in attendance for the local air shows, many of which are held at Pensacola Beach. When a Pensacola Beach show happens, boat launches from Escambia Bay to Navy Point to Gulf Breeze are packed as boaters head out to claim space in Santa Rosa sound.

Blue AngelsDriving? Boating?  Rise and shine bright and early.

You need to get going early to prepare for a day of fun in the heat and traffic.

It is best to arrive on Pensacola Beach at least by 8:00 AM to have any chance of getting a decent parking space. After that, you are taking your chances. I have seen traffic backed up from Pensacola Beach into Gulf Breeze, and even across the 3-mile bridge into downtown Pensacola.

Are you ready for a great day? 


I hate to have such a downer view on the whole experience, but maybe I’m just getting too old for all that fun.  At the Pensacola Beach Blue Angels show in 2004, over 100 people were treated for heat exhaustion.

In 2008, storms came through and wreaked havoc on the beach, sending several people to the hospital after being shocked by lightning. The show was cancelled and rescheduled for the next day. Many people were arrested up and down the beach for fighting.  That demon alcohol and Mr. Sunshine don’t mix very well. And if you wanted to get in the water to cool off, you could expect a few jellyfish stings.

But it can be so much easier!

For those in Pensacola who don’t know, or have just forgotten, seeing a Blue Angels performance can be much easier than attending an official show. If you are coming for a Pensacola vacation, what better way to spend a morning.

The Blue Angels practice regularly at Sherman Field on Pensacola Naval Air Station.

BlueAngelsSkyThis is the air field just behind the Naval Aviation Museum. I would recommend getting to the Naval Air Station gate by around 7:45 AM. You can then get to the museum and park by 8:00 and walk out to the airfield and get ready for the show.

They have bleachers for seating, or you can bring lawn chairs. They also have guides along the bleachers who tell you about each manuever, and you can ask questions throughout the Blue Angels’ performance.

Then when the show is over, a quick exit from the parking lot gets you on your way home, unless of course you want to stay and meet the pilots and get an autograph. They only do that on certain days, so check the schedule at the official Blue Angels website.

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Pensacola Beach Water Quality Scores A Great Rating

The Natural Resources Defense Council issued its 18th annual report on beach water quality, “Testing the Waters: A Guide to Water Quality at Vacation Beaches.”

Overall, our nation’s beaches are not doing well, but the main swimming area of Pensacola Beach known as Casino Beach received a 3-star rating. This designates it as one of the cleanest beaches in the nation, as far as pollution and bacterial content in the water.

In the photo below, you can see the crystal clear beautiful waters of Pensacola Beach, looking west from the Pensacola Beach Fishing Pier.

Pensacola BeachPensacola Beach

While a 5-star rating is possible, 5-star ratings are only given to beaches where the water is tested more than once per week. Casino Beach is tested weekly. And every test showed that the water on Pensacola Beach met EPA standards.

The full report can be viewed in PDF format at the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Fortunately, there is no stormwater runoff, or sewage runoff into the waters of Pensacola Beach. Rain water generally just puddles on the beach and soaks in, or is drained from the roads into Santa Rosa Sound. This keeps the Gulf side of Pensacola Beach nice and clean.

However, Quietwater Beach wasn’t as clean as Casino Beach. There were nine weeks in 2007 when the water quality was so poor that beach advisories had to be issued.

This is unfortunate, especially for families. Many parents like to take their young children to Quietwater Beach to avoid the dangerous wave action of the gulf, hence the name Quietwater. You also see a lot more boats and jet skis around Quietwater Beach.

When comparing Pensacola to other areas of the country, we are doing quite well. The beaches on the California coast can be scary at times. I remember reading a report from local professional surfer Sterling Spencer that he was sick for days from surfing in the waters of California. We are truly blessed to have such beautiful, clean and uncrowded beaches.

Now if we could just get ECUA to get our water quality improved.

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Many thanks to the Pensacola Beach Blogger for bringing this story to my attention (along with many other great local stories)

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