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October/Fall Lawn Care Tips

fall lawn care 2Here are a few simple tips for Floridians who want to make sure that the grass is always greener in their lawn. Remember, the first impression people have of your personal Real Estate is tied directly to the first impression they have of your lawn.fall lawn care

As Fall begins in the Florida Panhandle, here are a few lawn care tips. Check the HGTV.comHow To” list of Fall Lawn Care tips, as well as those I’ve included here.

As a native Floridian, I will be happy to give you additional lawn care tips or guide you to other local professionals, such as those at B & C Nursery, to help you design the Real Estate property, lawn and garden of your dreams.

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Drop-Dead Gorgeous Beach House Interior Design Ideas

beach theme room 3Think light and bright, washed wood and wicker to create a drop-dead gorgeously designed Beach House on Pensacola Beach! Simply Woods is a local shop that specializes in real wood furniture, finished or unfinished built to your specifications and Pier 1 has a nice selection of rattan or wicker furnishings.

A living room in a home on the beach, aside from having breathtaking ocean views, may be designed to features soft colors, easy to clean fabrics and throw rugs in varying shades and textures.
Or try a light color palette backdrop blended with blue and teal accents to deliver an eye-popping and appealing tropical oasis statement.beach house living room 1 Using white-washed wooden tables gives the room a look of something having just washed up on the beach. Finish off the look by decorating with seashells, fish nets, nautical ships and the like. Colorful tropical bird statuary, coral and driftwood may also be utilized to decorate niches, bookcases or table tops.
Design your beach house to include a large, well-lit kitchen, with lighting selections from Shades of Light. Create a comfortable kitchen setting with tropical, wicker bar stools, to add  beach-style charm. Cream and pale blue or cream and yellow color combinations give a clean and inviting look to beach-style kitchens. Plant ledges, shelves and niches can showcase special seaside treasures.
beach kitchen 3
beach bedroom 2
Beige overtones, wooden or white-washed furniture, large, picture windows and glass doors can grace a master bedroom suite and make for a true beach retreat. Parquet flooring or other types of wood flooring from Gene’s Flooring is designed to allow for easy clean up, especially from sand that gets tracked in from the beach.
A grand-style beach bathroom with ocean views may feature golden and off-white marble, sunken spa tubs, ornate chandeliers and recessed lighting.
grand beach bathroom
Or an “under-the-sea” look can be attained in a beach house bathroom by incorporating a sea blue-green color palette or any other light color mixed with wooden furnishings, great lighting and tropical plants.
beach bathroom 2
beach dining room 1
An array of Pensacola shops, such as the Sea Shell Shop, sell beach-themed accessories and decor. Combine your favorite pieces with white-washed wood, wicker furnishings, backdrop colors of beige and gray and your dining room or family room will go from blase to beach beautiful!
It would be my pleasure to help you find Pensacola or Gulf Breeze Beach Front Real Estate or build your dream beach house.

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Pensacola Real Estate News Flash!!! Incredible interest rate/low payment

My most recent home buyer, a young Navy woman, just locked her V.A. loan interest rate on a D.R Horton home at 3.875%.

That is the lowest interest rate on a thirty year fixed rate loan sale that I have ever been involved in.

At this interest rate, her  payment is roughly  $880.00 on a $141,000, brand new home that is less than 20 minutes from  Pensacola Corry Sation and 25 minutes from Pensacola NAS . Yes, you can get incredible deals at super interest rates on Pensacola real estate that is close to the naval bases.

The type of home  she is purchasing is pictured below.


This Pensacola home is being purchased with only  a $1000.00 down payment and the builder picked up virtually all closing costs!

For information on other great values in neighborhoods near the Pensacola Naval bases, check out the Neighborhoods in Southwest Pensacola page.

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Fantastic Real Estate Tool For Buyers….Free!!!

Thanks for stopping in to read my blog today.



 I hope you will find it to be an informative place to go for information
on the Pensacola Real Estate market and the Northwest Florida Real
Estate market in general.

To find out about new homes to be built in the Pensacola Real estate market, or existing homes, anywhere in the Pensacola Real estate market call Jim Holland at 850-206-6140  

 Today I wanted to take a little time to introduce you to a very, very
powerful tool available to anyone who is looking for real estate on the
internet in the Pensacola, Fort Walton, Crestview, Navarre, Destin, Hwy
30A, or Panama City areas.

Either myself, or agents in my referral network, are able to program the
Multiple Listing Service (MLS) database with the requirements of your
search criteria for homes for sale, so that every day, all new
real estate  listings that match your search criteria, or activity on existing
listings, will be automatically e-mailed to you.

 Pensacola Real Estate MLS Search

I have found this to be, by far, the most effective way to find the very
best deals, the day they hit the market.

These new listings, with the search criteria narrowed down, are the
absolute quickest way to find out about great properties before the
general buying public is aware of them.

I set all my buyer prospects up with this service, and have sold
properties with this tool, year in and year out for the last 10 years
and it has never let me down.

Amazingly, a large percentage of Realtors are either not aware that this
function is available, or do not think of it is as the incredibly
valuable real estate tool that it is.


If you are serious about finding great values in our market, give me a call and I will be happy to set you up with this service at no charge. I do ask to speak with you personally to confirm that I am e-mailing a
real person, and not sending information out for any other purpose than to be of service to customers.

Of course it doesn’t matter if you are buying tomorrow, or years from now, I am still interested in working with you.

The sooner you start your own real estate market research the better!

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Home Buyer Tax Credit Extended For Active Duty Military

U.S. active duty military who are out of the country for 90 days (since 2008) may have an extra year to claim the home buyer tax credit. The tax credit is for up to $8,000 for first time home buyers and $6,500 for repeat home buyers.  This is very important news for the Pensacola real estate market, as we have so many active duty military who have served out of the country and are now living in or moving to the Pensacola area. Most are stationed at the Pensacola Naval Air Station.

For more information on the tax credit, see the article Pensacola Real Estate – Tax Credit Information.

The active-duty rule is part of the current tax credit law. The qualification must be for “official extended duty outside the United States for at least 90 days after 2008 and before May 1, 2010.”

If the above condition applies, the homebuyer has an extra year to buy a home. He or she has until April 30, 2011, to secure a binding contract, and until June 30, 2011 to close on the home. Other conditions such as a maximum $8,000 for first-time buyers and $6,500 for move-up buyers still apply.

For advice in any specific case, please consult a qualified tax advisor.

The applicable IRS publication is posted at:

If you live in Pensacola and are hoping to buy a Pensacola home before the tax credit deadline, follow the link to Pensacola Homes For Sale to begin your search.

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