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Will the Cold Pensacola Weather Ever End?

Every day I have been hearing people in Pensacola complain about how cold it is, and that we are not getting much of a break from this cold weather.  Whenever we have a beautiful day with warmer temperatures, I get my hopes up that Spring is finally here. Then it inevitably gets cold again that very night.

It has been a very unusual winter for Pensacola. The Pensacola Real Estate Market has also been very cold in January 2010. Read the Pensacola Real Estate News January Market report for the numbers. It’s not just Pensacola. Real estate sales around the country have seen very low numbers for the beginning of 2010. When you get down about the cold weather, and think it will never end, remember how cold it was in early January in Pensacola. Here are some pictures to jog your memory. It was COLD!!!!

Pensacola Seville Square Fountain

Frozen Fountain at Seville Square in Downtown Pensacola. More beautiful Frozen Pensacola Fountain Pictures

Pensacola Frozen Animals
Animal cruelty? Left out in the cold. I hope PETA doesn’t find  out about this.

Pensacola Frozen Chairs

Sitting out on these lawn chairs would add literal meaning to the term “freezing your butt off”.

Just park your cab next to a lawn sprinkler and get a day off work. Even with all that cold weather, there was no snow in January. However, just a month later, south Alabama was blessed with a day of the white stuff. I took a trip up to Brewton Alabama to experience the fun.  Click on The Gulf Coast Snow Storm of 2010 for more pictures.

Brewton Alabama Snowmen
Can you spot 3 snowmen in this one picture? They were snow-crazy in Brewton Alabama this year.

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Gulf Breeze Burning?

The picture shows the smoke from a prescribed burn at the Naval Live Oaks in Gulf Breeze Florida.  This picture was taken from the 3-Mile bridge over Pensacola Bay. The buildings that you see to the right of the smoke are the Portofino Condos on Pensacola Beach.

Gulf Breeze Florida Fire

Naval Live Oaks is bordered  on the east side by Bayshore Road. Homes on this road and in the neighboring area near the bayfront run from the $200K range up into the million dollar range, according to real estate data from the Pensacola MLS. It just depends where the home is, and of course if it is a Gulf Breeze waterfront home. I would consider that fire too close for comfort if I were a resident of that area.

While the news said that it was a controlled burn, I did see a fire chief with lights flashing flying over the bridge from Pensacola to Gulf Breeze, followed about 2 minutes later by a fire engine.  My perception of a controlled burn would be that everyone was in place prior to the burn and prepared for any flare ups. Having fire engines called in after the burn was in full blaze makes me wonder. I guess tomorrow’s news will tell if anything went wrong.  More prescribed burns are scheduled in March.  [SEE UPDATE AT END OF POST].

According to Gulf Islands National Seashore Acting Superintendent Nina Kelson “The purpose of the upcoming prescribed burns is to restore habitat and reduce hazardous fuel levels which will serve to better protect the Park and local community in case of a wild fire”.  I’m sure the nice little creatures affected by this fire are very grateful for having their habitats restored.

One thing I love about blogging on Pensacola real estate (and Gulf Breeze real estate for that matter) is that I end up writing about the totally unexpected. I just happened to be driving across the bridge when I saw this. I snapped some pictures and a story emerged. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Breaking update: Apparently,  just before 3:00 PM, a home in Paradise Bay subdivision in Gulf Breeze caught on fire. Crews from Escambia County were called in. Apparently these were the trucks I saw heading for Gulf Breeze from Pensacola.  My love goes out to the family of the burned home. Thankfully, they were not harmed.

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The Gulf Coast Snow Storm Of 2010

Friday February 12th was an exciting day on the Gulf Coast, or at least for the more northern parts. The Pensacola weather forecast called for snow, with accumulations of 1-3 inches predicted. This meant no one was out looking for Pensacola Real Estate, so it was a great day to play.  There were some reports of snow in Ensley, but nothing stuck to the ground that I am aware of.  Escambia County schools were closed, as were some government facilities. Expectations were high for snow in Pensacola, but alas, all we really saw in was cold rain, with a few ice pellets that melted upon ground contact. It was a stark contrast to the beautiful weather that ended the year for Pensacola.

I’m always up for an adventure, and Friday was no exception. I have not seen snow in the Pensacola area since I was a child so many years ago. I was not going to miss this opportunity. After seeing news reports of snow in lower Alabama, I packed up the family and headed north.

We traveled up U.S. 29 towards Century Florida and experienced nothing but rain for most of the drive. Then as we neared Century, the rain suddenly turned to snow. I started to get excited, but still no accumulations could be seen. I saw automobiles headed south on U.S. 29 that were covered in snow. One even had a partial snow man built on the hood. My hopes rose.

I continued on my northward track as quickly as I could, all the time hearing that loving voice coming from the back of the van reminding me that I was going too fast for the icy roads. I reported back that the dashboard thermometer was reading 34 degrees, so there was no chance of ice on the road. Apparently I was not convincing enough, as this exchange continued for much of the trip.

Once we got into Century and crossed the border into Flomaton, Alabama, the snow was accumulating mostly on rooftops, but not much, if any, on the ground. I was starting to worry that I should have gotten an earlier start, and would get nothing but slush for all my troubles. But I had seen a news report that showed Brewton, Alabama  with lots of snow on the ground. So I pushed on. The further north we got, the more snow accumlation we saw.

At last we arrived in the small town of Brewton Alabama. I had no idea where I would go to find a place for playing in the snow. Luckily, over to the left of the main road I saw a large beautiful city park, covered in snow and filled with people enjoying a Alabama winter wonderland.  We actually ended up at another park up the road because of traffic, but that worked out well. After playing there for a while, we circled back to the big park. Here are some pictures.

Alabama Snow 1

Alabama Snow 2

Above, some clever Brewtonians built a snow man held hostage in front of a cannon. Note the arms held high and the cannon snow ball ready to fire. But it wasn’t the cannon that spelled this fellow’s doom. The Alabama temperatures were just getting too high to keep him alive through the night.

Brewton Alabama Snow

Karl With Snowman - Brewton Alabama

I made friends with this guy after jabbing an organic carrot into his face. No, I did not build him, only added some decoration. Whatever creature ended up eating my carrot did not ingest any pesticides.

Brewton Alabama River

Above is a picture of this beautiful Alabama river which runs along the park in Brewton Alabama. What a rarity to see a river with snow-covered banks in this part of the country.

All in all, a great day!

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Pensacola Is Cold

I was hardly prepared for this weather. On New Year’s Eve I was enjoying beautiful warm weather and sunshine out on Pensacola Beach. To me, it signaled a great start to a new year, weatherwise at least.

But then Pensacola (and much of the country) got hit with intensely cold temperatures. Now I’m not suggesting that these temperatures are unusual for Pensacola this time of year, but it is unusual for it to be this cold for this long.

Weather Underground (my favorite weather site) is showing water temperatures in the mid 40’s. I’m assuming these temperatures are being taken in the bay somewhere, since I know the Gulf is not that cold. Check out this site if you haven’t been there before. You can get radar, forecasts, individual weather station data for stations throughout the area, marine forecasts, tides, astronomy, area photographs and so much more. This site is to weather info what the MLS is to real estate.

The freezing temperatures have made for some beautiful sights. Here are a couple of pictures I took of the fountain at Asbury Place Assisted Living Facility in West Pensacola. The Pensacola News Journal is actually going to publish a picture of this fountain on Thursday, but remember, you saw it here first! (Like I’m sure you care).


The picture above was taken a dusk on Tuesday. And then when Wednesday morning came, look at the difference (below). 


While the temps are subfreezing, the Pensacola Real Estate Market seems to be heating up. I’m seeing a large increase in properties being listed in the Pensacola MLS, as many sellers tend to start listing after the holiday season. And home prices are better than they have been in many years.

Look for more detailed market reports in future posts here on Pensacola Real Estate News. For now, I’m going to kick back and stay warm.

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Pensacola Ends The Year With Gorgeous Weather


You couldn’t ask for better weather to end the year. I spent some of my day of New Years Eve at Pensacola Beach. I took a few pictures which show just how beautiful the weather was. People were on the beach catching some sun, but only surfers were in the water, in full wet suits and boots. Air temps were in the upper 60’s, but water temps were in the lower 60’s.


While you don’t see too many people in these shots, there were people all up and down Pensacola Beach enjoying the beautiful weather. These pictures were taken at the beach in front of the Portofino Condos.


These guys below were glad to get out of the cold water and onto the nice warm beach.


I would love a few more days like New Years Eve, but instead we are looking at lows in the 20’s for the coming week. Brrrrrr!!!! Not very Florida-like. Hopefully the Pensacola Real Estate Market will warm up more than the weather.

But it appears what’s really hot on Pensacola Beach are the Portofino Condos. Since October 1, 2009 (the past 3 months), 27 units have sold, with an average price of $395,000. The average price per square foot was $254.

Compare these numbers to the end of 2008 when only 9 Portofino units sold in the same time frame, with an average price of $521,000  and an average price per square foot of $353. This is a huge change within a year’s time frame. More on Portofino later.

There are currently 176 active listings for condos on Pensacola Beach. That’s a lot less than the 279 active listings 2 years ago. Things are starting to normalize a little.

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