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Drop-Dead Gorgeous Beach House Interior Design Ideas

beach theme room 3Think light and bright, washed wood and wicker to create a drop-dead gorgeously designed Beach House on Pensacola Beach! Simply Woods is a local shop that specializes in real wood furniture, finished or unfinished built to your specifications and Pier 1 has a nice selection of rattan or wicker furnishings.

A living room in a home on the beach, aside from having breathtaking ocean views, may be designed to features soft colors, easy to clean fabrics and throw rugs in varying shades and textures.
Or try a light color palette backdrop blended with blue and teal accents to deliver an eye-popping and appealing tropical oasis statement.beach house living room 1 Using white-washed wooden tables gives the room a look of something having just washed up on the beach. Finish off the look by decorating with seashells, fish nets, nautical ships and the like. Colorful tropical bird statuary, coral and driftwood may also be utilized to decorate niches, bookcases or table tops.
Design your beach house to include a large, well-lit kitchen, with lighting selections from Shades of Light. Create a comfortable kitchen setting with tropical, wicker bar stools, to add  beach-style charm. Cream and pale blue or cream and yellow color combinations give a clean and inviting look to beach-style kitchens. Plant ledges, shelves and niches can showcase special seaside treasures.
beach kitchen 3
beach bedroom 2
Beige overtones, wooden or white-washed furniture, large, picture windows and glass doors can grace a master bedroom suite and make for a true beach retreat. Parquet flooring or other types of wood flooring from Gene’s Flooring is designed to allow for easy clean up, especially from sand that gets tracked in from the beach.
A grand-style beach bathroom with ocean views may feature golden and off-white marble, sunken spa tubs, ornate chandeliers and recessed lighting.
grand beach bathroom
Or an “under-the-sea” look can be attained in a beach house bathroom by incorporating a sea blue-green color palette or any other light color mixed with wooden furnishings, great lighting and tropical plants.
beach bathroom 2
beach dining room 1
An array of Pensacola shops, such as the Sea Shell Shop, sell beach-themed accessories and decor. Combine your favorite pieces with white-washed wood, wicker furnishings, backdrop colors of beige and gray and your dining room or family room will go from blase to beach beautiful!
It would be my pleasure to help you find Pensacola or Gulf Breeze Beach Front Real Estate or build your dream beach house.

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Romantic Getaways Right Here in Pensacola, Florida!

Everyone needs a break now and then. A chance to get away from the “rat race”, even if it is only for a weekend. There are fabulous resorts on Pensacola Beach that offer “Romantic Getaways” for you to reconnect with that special someone in your life. The best part of this equation is that you don’t have to hop in an airplane or drive untold miles in your car to get there. Once you have a coveted piece of Pensacola Real Estate, you can easily slip away to an area resort for a little R & R.  There is something very special about Gulf of Mexico sunsets, white sand beaches, the gentle lull of the surf and luscious sea breezes.

The serene and seductive setting at Portofino Island Resort is the ideal setting for honeymoons, anniversaries, vow renewal ceremonies or the occasional romantic weekend . Their Romance Package includes a chilled champagne greeting in the sky room and a bed adorned with rose petals. Spa services are available, as are private cruises for two.Sunset from Portofino Resort

There is also a fitness and tennis center, on-site dining and shopping, dining and shopping at the Portofino Boardwalk, Adventure Beach water sport rental, Adventure Cove Water Park, bicycle, scooter trike and motorized scooter rentals, golf course access, fishing charters and water shuttle service and cruising options aboard the Portofino I, a 63′ catamaran. For more information about Portofino’s Romance Packages and events, email or call 866-976-4344.

Sunset at Portofino Island Resort is spectacular. Come and getaway on Pensacola, Florida’s white sand beaches!There is no wrong way to enjoy a “stay-cation”, but heading to anyone of Pensacola’s resorts is a great way to start! Margaritaville Beach Hotel Pool and Tiki BarAnother memorable local getaway location is Margaritaville Beach Hotel. No passport is required to revel in the luxurious surroundings here with its Gulf of Mexico backdrop! This resort is inspired by the lyrics and lifestyle of Jimmy Buffet. The dream of a tropical island escape can come true while sipping on margaritas and other rum based concoctions! There are weekend special events, romance and family vacation packages and a myriad of enjoyable entertainment options that can be made a part of any vacation.

Margaritaville Beach Hotel Shark Fin fire pit fun

There is live entertainment, a poolside Tiki bar, beachside pavilion – “Landshark Landing”, local spa services, paddle boat rentals and hotel based activities. Margaritaville offers over 10 specialty packages from which  to choose. For example, there is a “Sleep and Sail Package”, a “Bed and Breakfast Package” and a “Sip, Savor and Stay Package”. For more information on any vacation packages, call reservations at 850-916-9755.

Beach Club Resort BalconyIntimate and contemporary, the Beach Club Resort and Spa offers you, your friends and family a serene sanctuary to relax, reconnect and rejuvenate. These artistic accommodations have been designed to charm and beguile! The stunning views of the emerald green waters of the Gulf of Mexico will help set the tone for a getaway to remember. Area attractions include: Historic Pensacola, Portofino Boardwalk, Gulf Islands National Seashore and Tiger Point Golf and Country Club.

Pensacola, Florida offers a fine array of Real Estate, and a whole host of fun things to do, as well. What a fantastic place to live and play!

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Pensacola Beach Real Estate Foreclosures Portofino

I wanted to post a little bit about the condominium market on Pensacola beach that I find interesting.

First, that we have a total of 124 active condos listed, and in 2011 we sold a total of 149.

That indicates to me that by the end of this year we may have consumed most, if not all of the excess inventory that has been on Pensacola Beach for the last several years.

 I know  a lot of people think that the number of foreclosures still to come will keep inventory high, but according to the Pensacola MLS, of the current 124 condos for sale on Pensacola Beach only 9 are foreclosures or short sales, and as you can see by the chart below six of those are in Portofino,which only leaves four foreclosures or short sale starting off the year.

Portofino Pensacola Beach Real Estate

Portofino Pensacola Beach Real Estate

That is a far lower percentage of  foreclosures or short sales than the rest of the Pensacola Real Estate market,and far lower then we have had on Pensacola Beach for years.

Property Summary


. Sta Street Address Bed Baths SqFt Year Built L Price S Price Sold Date DOM
1 A 999 FT PICKENS RD, unit 201 2 2 1,140 1975 $244,900 $0   17
2 A FIVE PORTOFINO DR, unit 1106 2 3 1,333 2006 $304,900 $0   133
3 A 22 VIA DELUNA DR, unit 1606 2 2 1,100 1997 $330,000 $0 1226
4 A FOUR PORTOFINO DR, unit 706 2 2 1,333 2006 $330,000 $0 689
5 A FOUR PORTOFINO DR, unit 1409 2 3 1,333 2006 $349,900 $0 94
6 A FIVE PORTOFINO DR, unit 1509 2 3 1,333 2006 $359,000 $0 1461
7 A 1 PORTOFINO DR, unit 1103 2 3 1,333 2003 $359,000 $0 5
8 A 721 PENSACOLA BEACH BLVD, unit 502 3 3 2,100 2004 $495,000 $0 157
9 A TWO PORTOFINO DR, unit 1001 3 4 2,034 2003 $499,000 $0 382


©2012 Solid Earth, Inc. Active Maps

To get more information on Pensacola Real Estate
call Jim Holland at 850-206-6140

or e-mail me at

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Pensacola Real Estate Market Report For Beach Homes and Condos

Here is some compiled data on the Pensacola real estate home and condo sales on Pensacola’s beaches. This includes homes, townhomes, and condos on Pensacola Beach and Perdido Key.


To find out about new homes to be built in the Pensacola real estate market, or existing homes, anywhere in the Pensacola real estate market call Jim Holland at 850-206-6140  

Pensacola Beaches Real Estate Market Report

Notice the great differences between 2009 and all the previous years listed. The prices in 2009 are considerably lower than all previous years listed, but Days On Market (DOM) are very high. In fact, at $231 per square foot, beach real estate is almost $80 a square foot less than it has been at any time in the past 6 years. This is likely one reason sales are picking up on the beaches.

On the date this report was written, there were 508 active Pensacola homes and condos for sale on Pensacola Beach and Perdido Key.

The charts below give a graphical representation of sales per year and average sold price over the past 6 years.

Pensacola Beach Real Estate Sales per Year

The graph above shows homes, townhomes and condos sold on Pensacola Beach and Perdido Key over the last 6 years. The graph below shows the average price at which beach real estate sold over those same years.

Pensacola Beach Real Estate Average Price Per Year

Given the price level in 2009, this could be considered the best times the past 6 years to purchase Pensacola real estate on the beaches. In an upcoming market report, I’ll look at price levels in the first quarter of 2010.

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What’s Brown and Smelly and Won’t Leave Pensacola Beach?

What’s all the brown stuff on the beach and in the water at Pensacola Beach lately that smells so bad? I have heard rumors going around that it is raw sewage. Those rumors were apparently started by someone who did not know what they were talking about.  But you can see that the water is pretty brown looking.

Pensacola Beach Brown Water

The good news is that it is not sewage. Pensacola Beach Safety Director, Bob West reports that the waters at the beach are tested weekly and the fecal coliform counts are actually very low. So what is the brown stuff? It is decaying organic matter washed into the Gulf by all the recent rains. As it decays it, looks and smells bad. When surfing the other day, I felt like it was making it harder to breath, sort of like the red tide on Pensacola Beach a few years ago.

Fortunately, the decaying brown junk will not hurt you and will hopefully soon be gone. Then maybe the Pensacola Beach water will start looking like this again.


Most of the time, the Pensacola Beach water is nice and clear. As  you go towards Destin, the water gets even clearer. But as you go towards Alabama, the beach water becomes more murky. Why is this?

The answer is that you can blame it on the Mississippi River (and more locally, Mobile Bay). When the Gulf of Mexico is calm and there is very little current, or an easterly current, Pensacola Beach water is usually very clear. However, when waves get larger, they tend to stir things up and the water will cloud up a little.

When the winds and currents switch to the west, all the muddy murky waters from Mobile Bay and the Mississippi river drift this direction and that is why Pensacola Beach water gets so murky sometimes. Once the waves drop and the current subsides, the water generally clears back up within a few days.

Update: As of March 28, 2010, the water on Pensacola Beach is starting to clear up. It is still a little cloudy from the wave action, but the brown stuff appears to be gone from most areas of Pensacola Beach.

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