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The Condo Market Upswing On Pensacola’s Beaches

The Pensacola Beach,  Navarre Beach, and Perdido Key  condominium markets have begun to see some increase in sales. The total number of sales for these three areas, two of which are on Santa Rosa Island and the third on Perdido Key have increased from 211 units sold in 2008 to 298 units sold in 2009 for an almost 30% increase. During the same period average price per unit dropped from $566,000 to $383,000.The continuation of near historically low interest rates, and the falling prices are getting the attention of many more buyers.


I provided a report on the condo and beach real estate market back in mid-2008. You can check out that real estate condo report to get an idea of just how much prices have dropped and sales have increased in 2009.

Pensacola Beach’s core area has returned to its pre-hurricane Ivan condition, and actually has more to offer than ever. Most of the year there are 5 to 10 venues with live entertainment and a wide variety of restaurants including everything from fine dining at Hemmingway’s at the end of the Portofino Boardwalk, to Hooters, to Sidelines Sports bar.

The newly rebuilt Pensacola Beach fishing pier is back for fishing as well as sightseeing. The road to Fort Pickens has reopened, along with the road through the national seashore that connects Pensacola Beach with Navarre Beach. The picture below is a view of Pensacola Beach from the pier.














All of the annual events that take place on Pensacola Beach have resumed, bigger and better than ever, including the Blue Angels air show, and the world famous Pensacola Beach bushwhacker festival, as well as the huge Pensacola Beach Memorial Day celebration.

Here is the schedule of events for January through March from the Pensacola Bay Area Chamber of Commerce:

January 5, 2010


Annual Polar Bear Dip, Flora-Bama, (850) 492-0611
Navarre Half Marathon 5K/10K, (850) 476-7434
All American Chili Cookoff, Seville Quarter, (850) 434-6211
Youth Art Focus, Pensacola Museum of Art, (850) 432-6247
Annual Antique Show & Sale, Fairgrounds


Pensacola News Journal Double Bridge Run, 15K/5K, (850) 434-2800
Mardi Gras Street Party, Seville Quarter, (850) 434-6211
Mardi Gras Parades
Blue Angel Marathon
Cajun Fest, Pensacola Beach, (850) 932-1500
Heart of Gold Ball, American Heart Association, (850) 473-0411
Mardi Gras Parade, Pensacola Beach, (850) 932-1500
Lust for the Arts, Seville Quarter, (850) 434-6211
Gumbo Ya-Ya, Seville Quarter, (850) 434-6211
Pensacola Children’s Chorus, (850) 434-7760


Beulah Sausage Festival
Business Expo at Civic Center, (850) 438-4081
McGuire’s 5K Run, (850) 433-6789
Rockabilly Festival, Seville Quarter, (850) 434-6211
Pensacola Junior League Bargain Sale, (850) 433-4421
Santa Rosa Celebrates the Arts, (850) 623-2339
Magnolias and White Linen, (850) 435-2533
Gulf Coast Renaissance Festival, (877) 429-8462
Riverwalk Fine Arts Festival, Milton, (850) 626-9567, (850) 623-8493
Gulf Breeze Celebrates the Arts

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Pensacola Ends The Year With Gorgeous Weather


You couldn’t ask for better weather to end the year. I spent some of my day of New Years Eve at Pensacola Beach. I took a few pictures which show just how beautiful the weather was. People were on the beach catching some sun, but only surfers were in the water, in full wet suits and boots. Air temps were in the upper 60’s, but water temps were in the lower 60’s.


While you don’t see too many people in these shots, there were people all up and down Pensacola Beach enjoying the beautiful weather. These pictures were taken at the beach in front of the Portofino Condos.


These guys below were glad to get out of the cold water and onto the nice warm beach.


I would love a few more days like New Years Eve, but instead we are looking at lows in the 20’s for the coming week. Brrrrrr!!!! Not very Florida-like. Hopefully the Pensacola Real Estate Market will warm up more than the weather.

But it appears what’s really hot on Pensacola Beach are the Portofino Condos. Since October 1, 2009 (the past 3 months), 27 units have sold, with an average price of $395,000. The average price per square foot was $254.

Compare these numbers to the end of 2008 when only 9 Portofino units sold in the same time frame, with an average price of $521,000  and an average price per square foot of $353. This is a huge change within a year’s time frame. More on Portofino later.

There are currently 176 active listings for condos on Pensacola Beach. That’s a lot less than the 279 active listings 2 years ago. Things are starting to normalize a little.

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Pensacola Beach Water Quality Scores A Great Rating

The Natural Resources Defense Council issued its 18th annual report on beach water quality, “Testing the Waters: A Guide to Water Quality at Vacation Beaches.”

Overall, our nation’s beaches are not doing well, but the main swimming area of Pensacola Beach known as Casino Beach received a 3-star rating. This designates it as one of the cleanest beaches in the nation, as far as pollution and bacterial content in the water.

In the photo below, you can see the crystal clear beautiful waters of Pensacola Beach, looking west from the Pensacola Beach Fishing Pier.

Pensacola BeachPensacola Beach

While a 5-star rating is possible, 5-star ratings are only given to beaches where the water is tested more than once per week. Casino Beach is tested weekly. And every test showed that the water on Pensacola Beach met EPA standards.

The full report can be viewed in PDF format at the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Fortunately, there is no stormwater runoff, or sewage runoff into the waters of Pensacola Beach. Rain water generally just puddles on the beach and soaks in, or is drained from the roads into Santa Rosa Sound. This keeps the Gulf side of Pensacola Beach nice and clean.

However, Quietwater Beach wasn’t as clean as Casino Beach. There were nine weeks in 2007 when the water quality was so poor that beach advisories had to be issued.

This is unfortunate, especially for families. Many parents like to take their young children to Quietwater Beach to avoid the dangerous wave action of the gulf, hence the name Quietwater. You also see a lot more boats and jet skis around Quietwater Beach.

When comparing Pensacola to other areas of the country, we are doing quite well. The beaches on the California coast can be scary at times. I remember reading a report from local professional surfer Sterling Spencer that he was sick for days from surfing in the waters of California. We are truly blessed to have such beautiful, clean and uncrowded beaches.

Now if we could just get ECUA to get our water quality improved.

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Many thanks to the Pensacola Beach Blogger for bringing this story to my attention (along with many other great local stories)

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Pensacola Real Estate Beach Market Report For The First Half Of 2008

Pensacola Market Data For Residential Properties
On Pensacola Beach And Perdido Key Florida
January – June 2008

Pensacola Beaches Real Estate Market Data

The numbers in the table show the Pensacola real estate sales on the beaches for the first 6 months of 2008.

As of the writing of this report there are 11 Perdido Key Condo sales Pending and 6 Pensacola Beach Condo sales Pending. The total number of homes and condos for sale on the beach has not increased since January, so we are holding steady on inventory in the mid 700s.

The table above just gives a snapshot of the market at this time, which does not really tell a story. The table below is much more interesting.

Pensacola Market Data For Beach Homes and Condos
On Pensacola Beach And Perdido Key
For the First 6 Months Of Each Year

Pensacola Beaches Real Estate Market Data Comparison

Be aware that the numbers showin in the table are only for the 1st 6 months of each of the years listed. This was the only way to make a good comparison to 2008. At the end of 2008 I can give you a full years worth of data on the beach real estate report.

What we can see in this table is the way the real estate markets on the beaches have moved since 2000. Here are some observations:

Now in 2008 we see sales up just a little above the 2007 levels and prices holding steady. Many Pensacola real estate agents believe that prices on the beaches have pretty much bottomed out. I will provide future reports on the beaches and we’ll see if that is indeed true.

– The table shows real estate market data for Pensacola condos and residential homes on the beaches.
– Vacant land or lots are not included.
– The numbers above are created using data from the Pensacola MLS and are deemed reliable but not guaranteed

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Manatee on Pensacola Beach?

That’s what it looks like in the photos.

Apparently before the Blue Angels performed at Casino Beach, a very special event was taking place down on the east end of Pensacola Beach.

Check out the pictures taken by the Barrier Island Girl on her blog; Manatee Pictures

 I don’t think I would have had the patience to take pictures. I would have been running for the water just to see how close I could get.

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