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A Cold Windy Day on Pensacola Beach

December 23 was a cold and windy day on Pensacola Beach. I saw plenty of real estate for sale on Pensacola Beach as I drove towards Portofino Condos, but I doubt anyone was out looking at houses, lots or condos on the beach today. The wind was blowing hard from the north at around 20mph with gusts up to 25mph. Temperatures were around 48 degrees, with a windchill below 40 degrees.  The water temp is around 65 degrees. Here are a few pictures of a Pensacola real estate agent at the beach on this cold windy day.  The location was the parking lot in front of the Portofino condos.

Pensacola Beach

Pensacola Beach wave

Pensacola beach surf

This real estate agent was smart enough to know that the Portofino condos helped block some of that hard cold northerly wind. Notice how rough the Gulf Of Mexico looks in the background. 

The Portofino Condos have 107 units listed for sale in the Pensacola MLS. Prices range from $455K up to $1.85 million. The average days on market for these condos is 290.

Properties on Pensacola Beach are moving slowly these days.  There are currently 74 vacant lots for sale on Pensacola Beach. The average price per acre is $3.9 million. The average days on market is 391.

Obviously this down real estate market is having an effect on beach properties in Pensacola. That makes now the time to get some good bargains on properties on Pensacola Beach and Perdido Key. If you are interested in purchasing any properties in Pensacola Florida, including beach condos, Contact Me . I will answer any questions you may have and help you in any way I can.  Hey, if I will go out in these types of conditions (Yes, that is me in the pictures), imagine how hard I will work for you in helping you find just the right home or condo in Pensacola.

Visit my Pensacola Market Update archives to get information on the Pensacola Real Estate Market, including condo and home sales on the beaches.  OR, click on Pensacola Real Estate News for a list of articles indexed by category.

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Building A Hurricane Resistant Home Of The Future In Pensacola With ICF Will Save Money For Years To Come

If you plan to build a new home on the Gulf Coast, you should learn about ICF. ICF stands for Insulating Concrete Forms and is far superior to traditional construction methods in many ways.

According to the ICF industry, ICF is the wave of the future in building, both commercial and residential. It has been used in other countries for over 40 years, but is only now gaining popularity in the United States. Some of the benefits associated with ICF homes are especially applicable to Pensacola and the Gulf Coast. Here is a short list of some of the benefits: Pensacola_Beach_Dome2_RS200

Energy Efficiency: I’ve seen different claims on the energy savings ranging from 30% up to 70%. Even the low end of the range can amount to significant savings during the hot Pensacola summers.

Termites Don’t Eat Concrete: ICF homes are highly pest resistant. If you have paid the price of termite treatment, you know this feature alone can save you a few thousand dollars. We all know termites love to feast on our Pensacola homes.

Peace and Quiet: The material is more insulating, so it results not only in energy savings, but also in a more sound proof home

Mold Is History: You are much less likely to have mold growth on concrete. After hurricane Ivan hit Pensacola, we could have all used more ICF and less mold growth.

Lower Home Insurance Premiums: ICF homes generally have lower premiums due to the fact they are more resistant to fire and storm elements. Speak to your homeowners insurance agent first if you are considering building an ICF home.

Thanks to one of my favorite real estate bloggers, Sellsius, for his great article. You can check it out at the Sellsius blog.

And since I didn’t have a picture of an ICF building, I included a picture of the Dome Home on Pensacola Beach. The owner weathered hurricane Ivan in this home. I wouldn’t have done that.  

Here are more references for information about ICF homes.
Sources of ICF Information: ICFA, BuildersWebsource; ICF Builder; PCA;

Other Articles of Interest:

Concrete Homes are Energy Efficient (The San Diego Union Tribune)
How to Build a Fireproof House (This Old House)
Enlisting a Fortress to Battle the Elements (The New York Times)

For information on ICF Builders in the Florida Panhandle and Alabama, go to the ICF Builders web site.

Click on Pensacola Real Estate News for a list of articles indexed by category.

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Saturday Was Beautiful On Pensacola Beach

I’ve been running a series of posts on the red tide conditions at Pensacola Beach during the week of October 14-19. Here are the links to my previous posts if you are interested.

Pensacola Red Tide Update Posted on Friday 
Pensacola Red Tide Update Posted on Wednesday
Pensacola Red Tide Update Posted on Monday

Conditions were just plain miserable this week, all along the Gulf Coast, from Navarre to Perdido Key (possibly all the way to Panama City and Orange Beach Alabama). Saturday, however, was gorgeous. The weather on the beach was cool and the water was a beautiful emerald green.Pensacola_Beach_Pierview7_resize400 The shot below was taken from Pensacola Beach Pier looking west towards Fort Pickens and Perdido Key.

There is a guy in the water teaching two young kids how to surf. The water looks warm and inviting. Notice the lack of crowds.

 I checked Pensacola Beach from the Portofino condos down to the Cross. I was amazed to see most all of the dead fish killed by the red tide gone from Pensacola Beach. I wondered if they had been eaten by birds, but there were very few birds around. Maybe the gulf reclaimed them. I wondered.

Then I saw a white truck moving slowly down the beach with guys picking up the last of the dead fish. Here are some bigger ones down by Portofino just a few minutes before the men in the white truck took them away.  

I think when these fellas picking up the rotting fish got their community service orders, they were thinking of a nice day picking up litter at the beach. Instead, stinky fish was the order of the day to pay their debt to society.

In looking at some of these pictures, what amazed me was how beautiful it was to look down the coastline from the Pensacola Beach Fishing Pier, but at the same time to realize that there was little or no life at all in the water. It will take some time to recover from the red tide invasion. The last time I walked on the pier with my wife, we saw schools of dolphins playing and feeding. Not today.


Notice this picture of the end of the Pensacola Beach Pier. Pensacola_Beach_End-Of_PierOn a typical beautiful Saturday it would be packed with fisherman. Looked pretty empty today. All in all, a very nice day at the beach, but it was also sad that so much wildlife was lost to the red tide. Let’s hope the redi tide is gone for a long long time.


The purple flags usually mean jellyfish in the water, but this last week they indicated the red tide. Nobody likes the Purple Flag.  Especially not the fish.

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Red Tide Update for Pensacola Beach

Here’s a red tide Pensacola Beach update for Friday, October 19.

After 2 days of intense non-stop rain (around 14″ measured in Pensacola, and even more in Gulf Breeze), we finally got a break today. I took the chance to head for Pensacola Beach.  Pensacola_Beach_Red-tide-dead-fish_resizedThe wind had switched northwest. Walking down to the water, I passed a line of dead things. Lots of dead things. Hundreds of dead snake-like creatures, most likely eels, and plenty of assorted fish.

After crossing the dead line, the stench was overwhelming. Remember, northwest wind,  blowing toward the Gulf, cross the dead line and the wind blows the deadness right in your face. I went into the water for a few hours and saw no life. Red tide is still there, but tolerable. With the north wind, Pensacola Beach and Perdido Key residents should have a more comfortable breathing environment, at least for the weekend.

I saw mostly small dead fish and eels, but saw that very large fish were washed up down by Portofino, as you can see in the photo. Very nasty. Let’s hope the red tide recedes and we can enjoy these last few weeks of beaching before the winter hits. This is by far my favorite time of year to go to the beach. Warm water, no jellyfish, no crowds, and not too hot.  (Sort of like our current real estate market).

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Rain May Not Kill Red Tide In Pensacola

My article yesterday about rain possibly taking care of the red tide does not appear to be valid. It was based on word of mouth from a long time Pensacola resident and avid local surfer. Maybe it will just take some time.

But today, the Red Tide is still on the beaches. There are dead fish everywhere on Pensacola Beach and Perdido Key, and the stench is horrendous. Not a great week for the beach.

Check out this Red Tide Alert  site.  Scroll down a little to see an incredible picture of the red tide approaching the shoreline on Little Gasparilla Island.  Let’s just pray it leaves our area soon. For now, the Gulf along the coast is pretty much dead.

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