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Pensacola Real Estate News – Subdivision Report: Inverness

This article provides a Pensacola real estate market report on the Inverness subdivision. If you are interested in seeing any homes in the Inverness subdivision, or any other homes for sale in Pensacola Florida, please feel free to Contact Me for assistance.

Inverness is located in Southeast Pensacola in the Cordova Park area.  It is within the Pensacola city limits. The main entrance to Inverness is from Bayou Blvd, but it is also accessible from Scenic Highway.

Inverness Map

Inverness is convenient to most areas in east Pensacola. The Bayou Texar boat ramp is about a 5 minute drive down Bayou Blvd south, while mall shopping is less than 10 minutes up Bayou Blvd north. Information on travel times provided below is approximate and will depend on traffic and time of day.

Inverness Home

Approximate travel times from Inverness to popular Pensacola destinations:

Downtown Pensacola: 15 Minutes
Cordova Mall / Pensacola Airport / Pensacola Junior College: 10 Minutes
Pensacola Beach: 25 Minutes
University of West Florida: 20 Minutes
Pensacola Naval Air Station (Home of the Blue Angels ): 30-35 Minutes

There are many great places to eat within 15 minutes of Inverness. To the south you will find East Pensacola Heights , which has several great locally owned restaurants. Heading north to the Cordova Mall area you can also find plenty of great places to eat and shop.

Inverness Home2

Escambia County School Districts for Inverness:

Elementary: Suter
Middle: Workman
High: Washington

Information about typical homes in Inverness:

Age of Homes: Homes in Inverness were generally built between 1983 and the early 1990s
Square Footage:  Generally between 2000 sf and 3500 sf
Bedrooms: 3 to 4
Bathrooms: 2 to 3
Garages:  2 car
Lot Sizes:  .25 to .50 acres
Waterfront: Inverness has no waterfront properties
Swimming Pools: Of the homes currently listed for sale in the Pensacola MLS, 6 Inverness homes have swimming pools.
Foreclosures: Of the homes currently listed in the Pensacola MLS, only 1 is a foreclosure property.
Home Owners Association: Yes: Dues are $85 per year. Check the Inverness Home Owners Association web page for more information.

Average Days On Market for homes sold in Inverness in 2007 was 83.

Inverness Foreclosure

The home shown in the picture above is a bank-owned foreclosure property. I toured this home and found that it needs all new flooring and paint. There is also a rotting wood deck in the back yard that needs to be removed. On the up side, it has a beautiful enclosed pool, a hot tub, and a separate 2 story brick building in the back yard. This back building has a shower and kitchenette, along with a spiral stair case up to the 2nd floor. It is listed at $299,900.

The following table shows Pensacola real estate market data for Inverness. The numbers in the table are created using data from the Pensacola MLS and are deemed reliable but not guaranteed. These numbers do not include sales by Pensacola FSBOs.

Pensacola Real Estate - InvernessPensacola Real Estate - Inverness

As of December 31, 2007, the following homes are for sale in the Inverness subdivision:

I hope this market report on Inverness subdivision was helpful. This market report is a reflection of the Pensacola real estate market as of December 31, 2007. These numbers will change as the Pensacola real estate market changes. If this report is not current at the time you are reading it (6 months or more after 12/31/07) and you are interested in buying or selling a home in Inverness, I recommend that you Contact Me for updated market information on this subdivision.

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Pensacola Real Estate News – East Pensacola Heights – Part 3 – How Times Have Changed

East Pensacola Heights Residential ListingsThis is Part 3 of a 3 part series on the neighborhood of East Pensacola Heights. For parts 1 and 2, click on the links below.

East Pensacola Heights – Part 1 – A Perspective In Local History
East Pensacola Heights – Part 2 – Some Facts And Some Stories Shared

East Pensacola Heights still has a lot of charm and character even though it has built up a bit more over the past years, including a high rise condo called Scenic Terrace overlooking Escambia Bay. This Pensacola condo was completed in 1999 amid a lot of controversy.  In the picture below, you can see the view of East Pensacola Heights from Bayview Park, which is in East Hill. The Scenic Terrace condo is in the background.

East Pensacola Heights

East Pensacola Heights View From Bayview ParkEast Pensacola Heights View From Bayview Park

My feeling is that most people who live in East Pensacola Heights would like to stay there. As you drive through the area, you see very few homes for sale. It is not like East Hill where there are multiple homes on every block for sale. But then, East Pensacola Heights is considerably smaller than East Hill. 

Many of the homes in East Pensacola Heights are older. Of all the homes sold in 2007, over half were built prior to 1960, with the oldest home sold built in 1928. There are also a lot of nice old oak trees in just about every neighborhood.  The area has a historic homey feeling to it. Here are a couple of random homes I believe capture the feeling of living in East Pensacola Heights.

East Pensacola Heights Home

East Pensacola Heights Home

Shown below are the current residential homes for sale in East Pensacola Heights. This gives you a general idea of the values of homes in the area.

The 2 highest priced homes in this list are waterfront properties.

In the next table you can see the condos for sale in East Pensacola Heights.


The highest priced Pensacola condo in this list is in the Scenic Terrace Condo on Escambia Bay. East Pensacola Heights Condos For Sale

East Pensacola Heights also has several very nice restaurants.  Of particular note  are Georgios Pizza, Jerry’s Drive-In, Hunan, The New Yorker Deli and Mediteranean Plus. If you want to spend a little more, consider Skopelos which has  a beautiful view of Escambia Bay, or the Angus for steak and seafood.

In an end-of-year follow-up post, I’ll show you the Pensacola real estate sales numbers for East Pensacola Heights.

I hope this series on the history of East Pensacola Heights was informative and entertaining for all my readers. It is truly a delightful community, and a highly desireable area for real estate in Pensacola.

Click on Pensacola Real Estate News for a list of articles indexed by category.  If you are interested in purchasing any real estate in East Pensacola Heights, please Contact Me and I will be happy to show you any properties available in this historic area of Pensacola.

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Pensacola Real Estate News – East Pensacola Heights – Part 2 – History In Fact and Some Story

Welcome to Part 2 of a 3 part series on East Pensacola Heights. In this part I will give some random facts and stories that were told during the presentation.

For Part 1 of the story, click on Pensacola Real Estate News – East Pensacola Heights – Part 1.
For Part 2 of the story, click on Pensacola Real Estate News – East Pensacola Heights – Part 3.

Bayview Dog ParkBayview Park

A K Suter ElementaryEast Pensacola Heights

East Pensacola Heights

East Pensacola Heights

In part 3 of the series on East Pensacola Heights, we’ll take a look at East Pensacola Heights today and the real estate values in the area.

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Pensacola Real Estate News – East Pensacola Heights – Part 1 – A Perspective In Local History

I attended an informative and fascinating presentation on the history of East Pensacola Heights held in downtown Pensacola and organized by students of history from the University of West Florida. The presentation was entitled “Dirt Roads, Alley Ways and Row Boats”. I think the presenters were a little surprised at the large turnout for their presentation on Pensacola history. After a short presentation, a panel of 3 senior citizens who grew up in East Pensacola Heights sat down for a question and answer session.

East Pensacola Heights Map

It was easy to take notes, and now relay the information to my readers. What I cannot relay is the feeling in the room. The crowd was fascinated and amused by the stories these East Pensacola Heights residents had to share. There was a lot of strong positive emotion flowing through the room as the crowd tried to imagine what it must have been like to have lived in Pensacola during such simple times.

For those unfamiliar with Pensacola, East Pensacola Heights is the area in southeast Pensacola on the east side of Bayou Texar (pronounced Tey-har, or Tuh-har). Just don’t pronounce the “X” as you would in Texas. People might laugh at you. The picture below shows the beautiful boat launch on Bayou Texar, one of many free boat launches in Pensacola.

Bayou Texar Boat LaunchPensacola Bayou Texar Boat Launch

I hate to make my articles too long, as people tend not to read long articles. So I will break this one into 3 parts. In the next part, I’ll share some interesting stories told by the residents of East Pensacola Heights.  I hope you are able to drive through the neighborhood and enjoy this treasured piece of Pensacola history.  This last picture shows the beautiful view of Bayview Park as seen from East Pensacola Heights.

Click this link for a related article on Bayview Park: East Hill Pensacola – A Historic Home Overlooking Bayview Park 

East Pensacola Heights View Of Bayview ParkEast Pensacola Heights View Of Bayview Park

You can find Parts 2 and 3 of this article at the links below:

East Pensacola Heights – Part 2 – Some History and Some Stories Shared
East Pensacola Heights – Part 3 – How Times Have Changed

Click on Pensacola Real Estate News for a list of articles indexed by category.

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East Hill Pensacola – Historic Homes

I love East Hill. It has always been one of my favorite neighborhoods in Pensacola Florida. It also has my favorite park, Bayview Park, with a little something for everyone. East Hill is within the limits of the City Of Pensacola.

In this article, I wanted to show you a historic home in East Hill that overlooks Bayview Park. This home was built in 1915 by a local Pensacola lumber baron for the lady he loved. That is about all I know regarding the history of this home, but I intend to do some more research as I have time.

The owners are now trying to sell this home. In the Pensacola MLS it is described as the “Crown Jewel Of Pensacola”. It is over 3200 sq ft and has been “painstakingly restored” over the past 29 years.   The list price is $765,000.

To the right is a picture of the guest house next to the home. East_Hill_Manshion_MLS319636d_GuestHouse_RS400

The most expensive home sold in East Hill since November 2004 was a 4500 sq ft completely restored home. It was on the market for over a year and finally sold for $1.5 million.  At only about half that price, this East Hill charmer looks like a pretty nice deal. If you take a look at the view of the park and the bayou from this home, you will be sold. It is truely one of the more beautiful locations in Pensacola.

If you live in Pensacola, I recommend a visit to Bayview Park. It has tennis courts, children’s play areas, 3 dog parks including one on the water, picnic areas, a community center, a boat ramp and lots of open space with old oak trees.

These dogs appear to agree with my assessment of the park. I love the way that new dogs are greeted at the dog parks. Every other dog rushes to the gate, making it almost impossible for the newcomer to get inside. Then once inside, the newcomer is thoroughly sniffed and given the once over by every other dog in the park. And then the newcomer just becomes one of the pack.


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